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  • WHO Fears Increased COVID 19 Infections As Muslims Celebrate Sallah
    “As we approach the Eid Al-Adha feast, there is also increased risk of transmission as a result of social and religious mass gatherings. Any decision to restrict, modify, postpone, cancel, or proceed with holding a mass gathering should be ba[...]
    Date Posted: 31/Jul/2020
  • What Is The Way Forward For Nigeria Post COVID-19? – Part VI
    Nigeria is currently facing three shocks: COVID-19 pandemic, oil price collapse and a contraction in world trade as a result of COVID-19. Nigeria is very dependent on the exports of crude petroleum as a source of her national income. With the decli[...]
    Date Posted: 31/Jul/2020
  • Hepatitis Kills More People Than COVID-19, Says Commission
    No fewer than 21 million Nigerians living with viral hepatitis do not know they are infected, and this places them at greater risk for severe, even fatal, complications from the disease and increasing the likelihood for them to spread the virus to[...]
    Date Posted: 31/Jul/2020
  • Regular Exercise Helps Prevent High Blood Pressure, Even In Areas Of High Air Pollution
    People who regularly exercise tend to have a lower risk of high blood pressure, even if they live in areas where air pollution is relatively high, according to new research published in the American Heart Association’s flagship journal Circul[...]
    Date Posted: 31/Jul/2020
  • Young Children Carry Higher Levels Of Coronavirus: Study
    Children under the age of five have between 10 to 100 times greater levels of genetic material of the coronavirus in their noses compared to older children and adults, a study in JAMA Pediatrics said Thursday. Its authors wrote this meant that youn[...]
    Date Posted: 31/Jul/2020
  • COVID-19: Nigeria Records 404 New Cases, Total Infections Now 42,208
    Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has recorded 404 new COVID-19 cases in the country, as total infections from the virus rise to 42,208. The NCDC made this known on its official twitter handle on Wednesday.   The health agency note[...]
    Date Posted: 31/Jul/2020
  • Coronavirus In Nigeria: What We Know
    Five months after Nigeria saw its first case of COVID-19, the virus today is spreading at dizzying speed, posing a mountainous challenge to a health service already under strain. Here’s a snapshot of the situation in Africa’s most popul[...]
    Date Posted: 31/Jul/2020
  • States Are Running Out Of Doctors And Nurses As COVID-19 Surges
    It’s not just beds and medical supplies—hospitals in multiple states are running low on doctors and nurses to tend to the deluge of COVID-19 patients.   Military medical personnel arrived in Los Angeles County Friday to reinfor[...]
    Date Posted: 30/Jul/2020
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