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  • Why Every Patient Deserves the Care & Caution that Surrounds the American Ebola Patien...
      There's been a ton of discussion and many questions raised in the news and social media about the two Americans, Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, who contracted the ebola virus while selflessly serving others in west Africa and wer[...]
    Date Posted: 10/Aug/2014
  • Where Does Ebola Hide Between Epidemics?
      When villagers in the remote jungles of the Republic of Congo began falling ill last month, scientists quickly suspected Ebola. The virus had been confirmed in tests on the bodies of animals found dead in surrounding forests, and bush meat[...]
    Date Posted: 10/Aug/2014
  • Is It Appropriate For Nurses To Debate A Doctor’s Diagnosis?
      Sometimes, differences in opinion can cause tensions in the workplace. In most professions, slight disagreements between colleagues is not a matter of life or death…but what if the matter at stake literally is? In the healthcare pro[...]
    Date Posted: 10/Aug/2014
  • Blurred Lines: Proper Nurse and Patient Boundaries
      Most nurses join the healthcare profession because they genuinely care about other people and have compassionate hearts. Really, nurse’s ability to provide assistance and comfort is a virtue. Sometimes, however, what one considers in[...]
    Date Posted: 10/Aug/2014
  • #Ebola Berths In Abuja
      The dreaded Ebo­la Virus Disease (EVD) which has claimed almost 1000 lives in some West African coun­tries, including Nigeria appeared to have final­ly arrived the nation’s capital, Abuja.   A senior healt[...]
    Date Posted: 10/Aug/2014
  • Breakthroughs Made In Ovarian Cancer Research
      Scientists at A*STAR's Institute of Medical Biology (IMB) and the Bioinformatics Institute (BII) have found new clues to early detection and personalised treatment of ovarian cancer, currently one of the most difficult cancers to diagn[...]
    Date Posted: 10/Aug/2014
  • Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, Cleaners, Because You Are At The Forefront By Likita Kent
    N.B Applying Universal Safety precautions would save you. But this note is not about universal precautions. Let's look at the bad habits that welcome Ebola: Establishing rapport with your patient: That handshake you are accustomed to g[...]
    Date Posted: 10/Aug/2014
  • Natural Light Makes For Happier, More Alert Nurses
      Hospital patients seeking the best possible care may be advised to consider the health and well-being of the nurses who look after them. New research suggests nurses who work in natural light have lower blood pressure, are in better moods[...]
    Date Posted: 09/Aug/2014
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