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  • Fibre, Wellness And Longevity
      How much fibre do you take daily? Regular consumption of foods high in fibre ensures healthy living and longevity. In contrast, diet that contains little or no fibre induces ill-health in different shades. Fibre is only found in plant mate[...]
    Date Posted: 09/Nov/2013
  • FCT school of midwifery form on sale
    The forms for FCT school of midwifery and FCT school of post basic nursing are out and on sale.    Purchase the forms at Room 080, FCT HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES SECRETARIAT, NURSING DEPARTMENT, AREA 11, GARKI-ABUJA.   Candida[...]
    Date Posted: 09/Nov/2013
  • Nursing Education is More Than Just Earning a Degree
    Nursing education does not stop with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, it is continuous. It is the personal prerogative of the nurse to continue schooling. I have a deep personal commitment to nursing and the specialty of oncology, a[...]
    Date Posted: 09/Nov/2013
  • 5 Things New Professional Nurses Should Never Say to a Patient by Renee Thompson
    New nurses tend to be very myopic during their first year as a professional nurse. What do I have to do? What do I have to learn? How am I going to get through this shift? This is a normal part of being new, especially in a profession that involves[...]
    Date Posted: 09/Nov/2013
  • How Can Professional Nurses Report Errors?
    All professional nurses hold a unique position in the healthcare system because they see things that no one else may see. They play an important role as patient advocates by intervening to resolve workplace and personal safety issues. These are don[...]
    Date Posted: 09/Nov/2013
  • New publication: Ive got nothing to lose by trying it
    Dear colleagues, 'Every month there are dozens of news reports about medical breakthroughs and wonder drugs. The internet is cluttered with adverts and chat-room conversations testifying to ‘amazing’ benefits. These stories offer[...]
    Date Posted: 09/Nov/2013
  • ABSURD: Penalty for Training Auxiliary Nurses is A Paltry N100,000
    The Lagos State Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA), recently shut down about 80 medical outfits across the state. This suggests that some unscrupulous quacks and unregistered hospitals are insistent on carrying on with th[...]
    Date Posted: 08/Nov/2013
    Against the scourge of maternal and infant deaths in the state, midwives in Lagos hospitals and Partnership for Transforming Health Systems (PATHS2) are collaborating on Advanced Life Saving Skills (ALSS) to improve maternal and infant health in La[...]
    Date Posted: 08/Nov/2013
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