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  • Humor: The Most Essential Quality For A Nurse
      You can be a competent nurse without a sense of humor, but you probably won't have longevity in nursing, nor will you have as much fun[...]
    Date Posted: 23/Feb/2014
  • NPR Syndrome
      Compassion fatigue is a syndrome commonly known to nurses and other professionals involved in patient care. It is the result of constant ex[...]
    Date Posted: 22/Feb/2014
  • Situational Report From Aro
      Dear Comrades,   After an extensive meeting with the board of Management of The Neuropsychaiatric Hospital Aro which had in attend[...]
    Date Posted: 21/Feb/2014
  • Learning How to Be with Terminally Ill Patients
      Many nurses work in areas of healthcare where they do not encounter terminally ill patients regularly. Others work in hospices, critical ca[...]
    Date Posted: 19/Feb/2014
  • Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence to Decrease Nursing Stress
      As a nurse of 35 years, I have read a lot about compassion fatigue. And I have personally experienced burnout, having worked in many differ[...]
    Date Posted: 18/Feb/2014
  • Invitation to contribute - Use of ICT by nurses and social care workers across the EU
      C3 Collaborating for Health is working in partnership with the European Nurses Federation and others as part of an EU funded Thematic Netwo[...]
    Date Posted: 18/Feb/2014
  • 10 nurse myths that need to go!
      I recently realized that there are some common and popular nurse/nursing myths out there.   It seems there are two trains of thoug[...]
    Date Posted: 17/Feb/2014
  • The Talkative Nurse
      Remember the days, you go to work and all you want is a peaceful night. Or at least as peaceful as reasonably possible, only that dear talk[...]
    Date Posted: 16/Feb/2014
  • A Physician Finally Gets Nursing
      Earlier this month, the New York Review of Books published an article by a patient who described his hospital stay following a life-threate[...]
    Date Posted: 16/Feb/2014
  • Reactions To The Upward Review Of Fees and Charges
    The Notice of Upward Review of Fees and Charges By The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria has generated a lot of comments from Nurses far and[...]
    Date Posted: 11/Feb/2014
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