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  • No Nurse is an Atheist
      Of all the hundreds of nurses I have known, I have never known one who is an atheist. Just as there are no atheists in fox holes, there are[...]
    Date Posted: 02/Feb/2014
  • Are Nurses Too Busy to Go to School?
      More and more nurses are looking for ways to upgrade or expand their skills, in order to stay competitive. Earning a BSN degree is a logica[...]
    Date Posted: 02/Feb/2014
  • Top 10 reasons we get fired!- Medication Errors (1)
      Making mistakes in health care tends to be frowned upon more than any other career, the general public simply do not tolerate any form of m[...]
    Date Posted: 28/Jan/2014
  • I Am A Male Nurse
    A provocative glimpse inside the mind of a male nurse:   I get asked a lot of questions about why I entered into the nursing profession. I[...]
    Date Posted: 23/Jan/2014
  • Sleep deprivation raises diabetes risk
    . Poor sleep alters cell function and can compromise health.   Poor sleep is strongly linked to increased risk for type 2 diabetes. The two[...]
    Date Posted: 22/Jan/2014
  • Thoughts After My First Needlestick Injury
    Safety first Last year I became part of a group I’d managed to avoid during my 30 years of nursing. I joined the ranks of those who have suf[...]
    Date Posted: 19/Jan/2014
  • The nurse's quick guide to I.V. drug calculations
    Nurses are often intimidated by the math that occurs in everyday practice. Patient safety depends on the practitioner's ability to calculate med[...]
    Date Posted: 19/Jan/2014
  • Dreams: Helping The Patient Who Sees Things That Cannot be Studied
    Her body stiffened with strong emotion as she shared a vivid dream she’d had after being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. She told t[...]
    Date Posted: 19/Jan/2014
  • Train Your Back to Keep Fit & Prevent Nursing Injuries
    Nursing can be an incredibly rewarding career experience, but it also comes with more injuries than any other profession. According to the Bureau of[...]
    Date Posted: 18/Jan/2014
  • What Causes Sinus Problems?
    If you are plagued by sinus problems, take a moment to consider these valuable parts of your head. What can turn good sinuses into problem sinuses?[...]
    Date Posted: 18/Jan/2014
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