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  • Study: Seven Steps to Healthy Living
    Detoxification is the physiological elimination of toxins (acidic wastes) from the human body. The organs involved in this physiological (normal0 pr[...]
    Date Posted: 22/Aug/2019
  • Stress, Drug Abuse Could Affect Mental Alertness - Expert
    A mental health expert at St Louis Medical Centre, Lagos, Dr Omowumi Mosaku, has said that stress, failure to eat a balanced diet are some of the fa[...]
    Date Posted: 20/Aug/2019
  • Community Mental Health: Matters Arising
    Community mental health services support or treat people with mental health difficulties in a domiciliary setting, instead of a psychiatric hospital[...]
    Date Posted: 20/Aug/2019
  • Sleeplessness Raises Heart Disease, Stroke Risk By 70%
    People suffering from insomnia may have an increased risk of coronary artery disease, heart failure and stroke, according to new research in the Ame[...]
    Date Posted: 20/Aug/2019
  • Why Nigerians Should Know Their Hepatitis Status
    What is hepatitis? HEPATITIS is an inflammation of the liver. The condition can be self-limiting or can progress to fibrosis (scarring), cirrhosis[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Aug/2019
  • How Physical Fitness Prevents Depression, Anxiety
    Are you physically fit? The answer may determine whether you will develop mental health disorders, beat obesity genes, live long healthy life, have[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Aug/2019
  • Seven Steps to Healthy Living
    Food is essential to life and by the life I am referring to the total well being of the human being. In other words, I am talking about a life of we[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Aug/2019
  • Metabolic Syndrome: The Role of Detoxification
    There are certain ailments and disease conditions that are noticeably more common in our environment than others. Non-communicable diseases, such as[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Aug/2019
  • Mental Health in the Workplace
    I will dwell on this topic for the sake of workers and employers who are reading this column at their desks. As adults, a large proportion of our ti[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Aug/2019
  • Physical Fitness May Prevent Depression, Say Scientists
    Scientists in a recent study have said that physical fitness may help to prevent depression and anxiety. According to, common m[...]
    Date Posted: 13/Aug/2019
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