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Date Posted: 23/Feb/2021

Try these NCLEX styled questions, if you dont make 4/4 then you should attend our upcoming zoom course. Watch the video to see how we use the decision tree to solve the questions easily
1. The nurse provides care for the client immediately after arrival in the emergency department (ED). Emergency personnel report that the client was involved in a head-on collision with immediate loss of consciousness. Which is the first action taken by the nurse?
A. Determine Glasgow coma scale score
B. Assess bilateral blood pressure
C. Check bilateral pupilliary response to light
D. Determine oxygen saturation levels
2. At a rehabilitation center for clients with spinal cord injuries, the nurse conducts an orientation session for a group of unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP). Which statement is most important for the nurse to include?
A. The clients may appear angry at times
B. Obtain the clients permission before touching the client
C. Most clients arrive believing they will walk out of here
D. Personnel in this environment often need counseling
3. A client diagnosed with malnutrition is prescribed continuous enteral feedings through a newly placed gastrostomy tube. which actions will the nurse include in the clients plan of care? select all that apply
A. Cover the insertion site with an adhesive bandage
B. Add 8 hours of feeding to the bag at a time
C. Rotate the gastrostomy tube 360 degrees once daily
D. Auscultate for whoosh of air through the gastrostomy tube
E. Check for slight in and out movement of the gastrostomy tube
4. The LPN/LVN reporting to the nurse says, you may want to see the client recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I am not sure how well things are going. The nurse enters the room and finds the client sitting quietly, looking out the window. As the nurse approaches the client, the client does not look at the nurse. Which is the most appropriate question for the nurse to ask?
A. Sleep problems are common during times of stress. Have you had difficulty sleeping?
B. Tell me what you know about your diagnosis and the treatment you will receive
C. How would you describe your overall health status up to this time of your life?
D. How have you handled any health problems you experienced in the past?
?Rules for Success in the NCLEX RN Examination
?Introduction to the NCLEX Secret Answering Formula (DECISION TREE)
?Mastering and Solving NCLEX Style Questions Using the Decision tree
?Assessment Using the Secret Formula (NCLEX Predictor Quiz)
?NCLEX Instruction Inaddition To Online Learning Activities
?Date: Monday 8th - 11th March 2021
?Meeting ID: 969 8360 3840
?Passcode: 6hYgN6
??Start Time: 7pm Daily
Course Fee: N10,000
Registration Details: Nursingworld Access Bannk (0058796320)
Enquiries: 08033949801 or
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