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Take the Fight to the Quacks; Deploy QuickConfirm License Verification Online Tool
Date Posted: 19/Jan/2021
Quacks in Nursing are having a field day and with no end in sight. In their quest to survive, they go any length to pose as Nurses even to the extreme of creating fake practicing licenses and Nursing certificates. They have gradually brought the Nursing profession in Nigeria to its knees and the future seems gloomy. These quacks are a threat to the very existence of qualified nurses. They are everywhere in schools, selling drugs in the markets, practising nursing, giving injections behind curtains. Infection, drug resistance, toxic effects and death were all too frequently the result with the public bearing the major brunt of their activities
These quacks operate illegaly in broad day light without licenses and in direct competition with registered nurses. These quacks are ruining the health of Nigerians and for those who survive their activities, they dont come out unscathered possibly suffering physical deformity 
What if I told you there was a simple I.T solution to this quagmire? What if I showed you how we can fight back and retake our profession from the clutches of these quacks on our professional jugular. The battle seems to have overwhelmed us all. At this point we need to regroup, re-strategize and relaunch our attack. We need more foot soldiers in this fight. 
We can leverage on the vigilance of employers and the promixity of the general public while receiving care from these quacks to tackle the problem. We can take the fight to the quacks right in the clinical wards where they are masquerading as Nurses caring for innocent patients who do not even know they are quacks and do not even have any way of discerning their registration status.
Imagine if employers, patients, nurses and the general public had the ability to carry out real time on-the-spot verification of Nurses. Imagine how terrified these quacks would be if they knew that all it takes to expose them was for someone to go online on their mobile phone and type in their name and surname to verify if they are who they say they are and if they are licensed to practice as a nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. 
Imagine if we had a portal that provides online verification for anyone who want to verify a nurses' license. Imagine if employers could generate license lookup reports for their nursing employee in real time and expose quacks they unknowingly employed. 
Worthy of note to mention is that the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria  already has this pubic access portal for verification of registered pharmacists in Nigeria. 
pharmacy council online verification platform
Also the regulatory body for Medical Laboratory Scientist, the MLSCN also boast of this feature on its website where the general public can vet any individual who claims to be a Laboratory scientist. The MLSCN website contains a list of up-to-date Medical Laboratory Practitioners, though thiers is more complex as you would be required to know the individuals registration number to check the register. This hoever, would be beneficial to employers particularly
mlscn online lab scientifst verification portal
In the United States, the QuickConfirm License Verification is a free-of-charge online tool used by employer groups and the public to look up nurses' licenses. Employer and/or the general public go online to and complete the QuickConfirm License Verification process and immediately receive a detailed QuickConfirm License Verification Report. 
An individual’s registration status with the board of nursing can be looked up by simply searching with the persons last name, first name and license type. Alternatively, one can also search using license number or NCSBN ID (NCSBN ID is the public, globally unique identifier for all nurses). The database is live and dynamic giving employers, the general public and patients the ability to utilize the system to track licensure and disciplinary information at no charge for Nurses under their employ or caring for them.  
With this option of real time verification, patient safety is ensured inclusive of provision of vital 'on-the-spot' information that can help minimize or eliminate quackery in Nursing.
texas board online verification tool
The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria already has the database of Nurses and as such, they can replicate these features on the NMCN portal just like If implemented, the NMCN portal would grant the general public and employers’ online access to a national database of nurses for real time verification of Nurses for purposes of licensure and/or employment. This verification is different from the current verification for international education or practice abroad.
On a lighter note, remember your colleague who told you she passed the NCLEX and is now registered to practice as a nurse in Texas, visit and confirm if she really is licensed to practice in Texas. With just one click on your phone in Nigeria, you can uncover someone posing as a fraud in Texas. That is the beauty of the free of charge online verification portal; Imagine if we had same portal here in Nigeria.
Jude Chiedu
For: Nursingworld Nigeria
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