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#nannmelections2021 Brief Maniesto: Comrade Nnachi Michael Ekuma
Date Posted: 31/Dec/2020
Manifesto Of Hope, Progress and Consolidation of Achievements of Present Leadership By Nnachi Michael Ekuma An Aspirant For National President, NANNM For NDC 2021
Dear Esteemed Comrades/Colleagues/Leaders of Honour; Deep Appreciation to NAC/NEC/NANNM members/leadership: 
I wish to extend my sincere and deep gratitude to the leadership of NANNM at all level who gave me the rare opportunity to serve NANNM in the capacity of National Financial Secretary for the past four years.
Indeed, I thank you for your understanding, unalloyed support given to me/other NAC members and encouragement demonstrated individually and collectively. Accept my esteemed regards as I will not take it for granted at any point in my life. May God reward you for the sacrifices made.
The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives is a product of committed efforts and struggles of our past Leaders, Elders, Stakeholders, Heroes, Heroines and Veterans of the Nursing profession in Nigeria, (some late and some alive). Without the brainchild of these personalities, there will be nothing like NANNM, amidst protracted internal and external challenges/issues.
Registered on 15/08/1978 and after 42 years, NANNM should be self-sustaining, self-reliant, a blessing and hope to both the past and present colleagues/members/leaders. Unfortunately, NANNM is still faced with unending challenges/issues which require, members' collective commitment, understanding,genuine contributions toward achievement of set goals/objectives, which include but not limited to the following:
1. Organization of all Registered Nurses and Midwives who are qualified for membership.
2. Provide a forum where Nurses and Midwives speak with one voice regardless of personal status.
3. Set and continuously improve the standard of education and practice in order to meet global best practice.
4. Raise the status of the profession, obtain just and proper remuneration, hours of work and other conditions/scheme of service that will enhance the dignity of the profession and generally protect the professional and socio-economic 
interest of the members, among others. (Article III subsection (c) aims and objectives).
·Esteemed professional colleagues, labour leaders and Elders of the Nursing Profession, NANNM is our child, property, and it remains our own, as a people. NANNM belongs to all of us and not any one person.
·Whatever we desire, need, expect, and want from NANNM, we can satisfactorily, afford, achieve through our collective commitment, sincerity and genuine contributions towards setgoals/objectives. NANNM is an entity that will outlive any person or member for the benefits of all members future generation.
·Today, we have gathered in search of a dedicated, committed, diligent and disciplined and visionary leader/pilot, who working together with a constituted leadership, NANNM will attain a desirable status of global recognition, respect and given a desired position/recognition by the government, public and co-health workers/professionals (within the health sector and beyond).
·Yes! The past leaders have achieved so much for our members/colleagues and profession over the 42 years. Some may feel that nothing has been achieved because their personal expectations/desires are not met, or a particular obligation has not been achieved. Your personal actions/inactions/contributions, no doubt brought NANNM to the present status. However, there is hope for attainment of progress to the level of ourdream and wish.
·I have diligently served NANNM in various positions/capacities; at the unit level, State level and National level, which gave me the opportunity to learn/understand the nitty gritty, problems, challenges and expectations of NANNM and our members. Experience is the best teacher. NANNM administration is an institution, which when you pass through the thick and thin of the rigors, one progressively acquire/develop critical skills in human and resource management. NANNM leadership requires a person with uncommon experience to pursue members' needs, interest and welfare. With my wealth of cognate experience, I can deliver on mandate beyond what anyone can imagine. 
·While I will forever remain grateful and thankful to you all for the first rare opportunity given to me to serve as NFS, I humbly seek your mandate for second tenure as National President of the Association. I promise to serve you more creditably and with your unalloyed support and encouragement, we can make NANNM assume its best place as not only a pace-setter among trade unions in Nigeria but a self-reliant and sustainable/valued association.
·It is against this backdrop, that I am delighted to most humbly solicit, seek your support for my candidature for the position of National President in January, 2021 NDC. I count on your votes and promise not to disappoint you. Your contributions /submission will go a long way to move the association forward.
·I seek your support and your valued vote to serve you again and greater achievements can be added to observable achievements of the current leadership led by Comrade Adeniji Abdrafiu Alani, mni (President).
·Without you nothing can be achieved and together, we can do better by moving the Association to our dream level/status in the next four years.
In an attempt to pursue the goals/objectives of NANNM, each and every one of you has a responsibility, as a member, stakeholder, leader, Elder Statesman, and a people, to project, protect, preserve, and sustain progress in NANNM, an indivisible entity placed on our palm by Past Leaders. We have uncommon obligation to preserve the GOLD handed down to us for the next generation unborn.
Suffice to say that you are the most important person and member of NANNM, the role you play has critical impact/bearing, directly or indirectly to the Association's aspirations, expectation, image, attitude, quality services to those whose lives depend on our core services. The interest welfare and remuneration to our esteemed members will remain paramount in the administration. You will not regret your vote for me to serve you again.
For administrative convenience, the following organs are recognized by NANNM for the purpose of communication process in administration. 
Considering the power of membership in any professional Association/ Organization as NANNM, the numerical strength is intimidating to any inherent challenge and with peace, unity, commitment, understanding and sacrifice, much can be achieved beyond any human imagination. There is hope for better days/progress and achievement through your support and encouragement to the leadership.
1. NANNM/NDC: National Delegates Conference
2. NAC: National Administrative Council
3. NEC: National Executive Council
4. SDC: State Delegates Conference
5. SAC: State Administrative Council
6. SEC: State Executive Council
7. UBC: Unit Branch Council
Organs of the Association
To say the least, the following can be successfully attained, achieved and sustained through vigorous effort of all and sundry as a team with specific goals/objectives. The administration will ensure the following:
1. Obedience to NANNM constitution through selfdiscipline/respect to constituted authority and rule of law.
2. Consolidation on achievements of past and present leadership, including infrastructure and human development. Genuine pursuit of all unresolved challenges/issues affecting our members, including gazette of scheme of service, placement of Nurse Graduates, shift/call duty allowances, staff promotion  and all applicable conditions, including Covid allowance. 
3. Democratic leadership through teamwork/democratic process. Exploration of members innate/professional potentials, through committee/teamwork of experts (Lawyers, Accountants, Researchers, Academia/Professors, etc). (Sponsor an acceptable bill that will give teeth and recognition to our profession through the legal luminaries/politicians in our mist).
4. Establish network of opportunities with appropriate health Agencies, companies, local/foreign Partnership/collaboration with recognized Bodies and other relevant organizations.
5. Ensure effective collaboration with N&MCN, WACN, FHI,UGONSA, ACADEMIA, all specialty groups, to ensure total reformation/transformation of NANNM/Nursing Profession in Nigeria and beyond.
6. Address attitudinal change of members on resistance to change syndrome which has not allowed the profession to progress. Improved attitude will bring about improved image of the profession with added value and recognition.
7. Ensure zero tolerance to any form of indiscipline, malpractice and discomfort (Restoration of Nursing Etiquette).
8. Documentation of record of facts, events/activities for future use and references.
9. Aggregation of efforts of members' thoughts and ideas towards attainment of the best for the Association/Members/ Employees
10. Ensure team work with one vision and mission towards set goals/objectives under one umbrella (NANNM) will take the association to the dream level.
11. The NAC leadership in collaboration with NEC members will agree on acceptable date for Nurses Summit in order to resolve all gray areas / issues faced by the association, including grievances would harmonize 
Once again, I thank you for your time, support, contribution, encouragement and all you have done to move the Association forward. I cannot take anything you have done for granted as I will always remain grateful to you.
Long Live Nurses and Midwives of Nigeria!!!
Long Live NANNM!!!
Long Live NANNM South-East Zone!!!
Long Live NANNM Ebonyi State!!!
Long Live Nigeria!!!


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