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JOHESU Warns of second wave of COVID19, Resolves to embark on indefinite strike in due course
Date Posted: 20/Dec/2020

The meeting was attended by presidents and general secretaries of the affiliates of JOHESU namely Medical and Health workers union of Nigeria, National association of nigerian nurses and midwive, Nigerian union of allied health professionals, senior staff association of univerisities teaching hospitals research and associated institutionns (SSAUTHRIAI), Non academic staff union of educational and associated institutions (NASU) and Assembly of healthcare professional associations (AHPA)

The meeting appraised the state of healthcare workers most especially the insensitivity of the federal goverment towards meeting demands of healthcare workers in federal health institutions and the unfair labour practices against state health workers in some states of the federation. The state of the nations security and economy vis-a-vis health workers and general public including their welfare was also extensively discussed with serious concern.

JOHESU Leadership is deeply disturbed about the discriminatory practices against health workers under JOHESU by the federa government which grapevine sources reveal has yet again adjusted entry point of medical doctors to CONMESS 3 while other doctors move one step ahead of their current placement; if confirmed this will be the fourth adjustment in a sixy year period exclusively for doctors

After exhaustive deliberations, the meeting resolved as follows;

1. JOHESU reiteriates for the umpteeeth time its 5 point demand including;

1. Immediate payment of the shortfall of COVID 19 hazard/inducement allowance to affected health workers by the Federal Government.  

ii. Implementation of CONHESS Adjustment without father delay  

Iii. Immediate payment of withheld salaries of healthworkers in LUTH, JUTH. and FMC, Owerri including April and May 2018 withheld salaries of health workas In Federal Health lnstitutions  

iv. Implementation of all NICN judgements especially the March 31. 2019 consent judgement based on FG/JOHESU negotiation at ADR  

v. Provision of basic social infrastructure and equipping all public health Institutions with modern equipment and gadgetry  


2. JOHESU National Leadership will continue to monitor any attempt to tinker with the National Health Act. 2014 under whatever guise.  

3. Implementation of the Nanonal Health Act. 2014 to guarantee quality and affordable healthcare services, welfare and rights of healthcare workers, industrial harmony and social justice.  


4. Immediate payment of health workers shortfall in some Federal Health Institutions for October and November 2020 and make funds available to forestall recurrence in future payments.  


5. JOHESU National Leadership warned of a second wave of COVID 19 Pandemic and demand that the Federal Government takes appropriate steps to protect health workers and the general populace, build more testing and isolation centres and enforcement of mask.  


6. JOHESU National Leadership resolved to mobilise action against governments of Abla and Enugu State. respectively if the demands of health workers are not met withing thirty day window approved from today 17th december 2020

7. Finally. JOHESU Leadenhip resolved to embark on an Indefinite strike action in due course if those aforementioned damands of health workers are not met as quickly as possible by the Federal Government  



Comrade M O Ajoruty

Ag National secretary

For: National Chairman

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