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#Nursingnow2020: 2020 YEAR Of The Nurse & Midwife By Nurse Onovo Victory RN, RNN
Date Posted: 13/Jan/2020
Our training tells alot of how strong we have become. Many wanted to become a Nurse, picked up a form and couldn't make it to the School of Nursing.
Some of us passed and went ahead to the stage that is popularly known as PTS( preliminary training studies ). The PTS period last for about six months; during this period most of the people we met as just classmates would have turned friends that stick closer than a brother and bond would have been created and it would be difficult to imagine life without them.
At the end of Six months, the almighty PTS exam comes up and result to an elimination period of those who couldn't make. It's usually a period of tears for those who made it and those who didn't. Bonds would be broken, some sit mates would have to go, some reading mates would have to go, some fellowship members would have to go and even some room mates would have to go. It's usually a period of tears, the pain which is likened in practice like loosing a patient. Some times you want to keep in touch but might appear as one of the biggest challenge you will have to face.
For those who passed the almighty PTS, it's usually not over with passing, you will have to prepare for the promotion exam to 2nd year. If you fail the promotion to 2nd year, you will have to repeat to join the junior set. This on its own teaches the Nurse humility because they understand that you might be up today and down tomorrow ( Life lesson ).
As you move along from one level to the other the number of people in a class becomes smaller and more volatile because any act of misbehaving can lead to expulsion. Here the Nurse learns self control.
During the final exam popularly called the General Nursing Council exam, you will have to read everything you have learnt from PTS, year one till final year. At some point you will have to be glued to the newspaper and happenings in the society. This will teach you that everything is not book, you need to observe your environment.
At the end some people will have to resist a paper because all you've learnt over the years would be summed up to paper one ,two and three which is the practical. 
After the exam anxiety grows because some people would have to stay behind for six months or more.
Finally people who enter as medical novice and some character issues comes out with medical knowledge and skills. Characters would would be refined and polished. 
Then we are released into the world as Versatile, Beautiful, Intelligent, Smart and great Nurses.
Our training is our pride. Those qualities which equals life skills have shaped us.
Celebrate and appreciate a Nurse. Beyond the skill is the human in angels skin.
Am proud to be a Nurse.
By Nurse Onovo Victory  RN,RNN
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