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Opinion: Nurses and the Public
Date Posted: 05/Dec/2019

Good day beautiful Nurses. There's this thing that has been bothering me of recent. 99% of Nigerian population see Nurses as 'RUDE' people. And my conclusion is that 'it's because we tend to have contact with the patients and their relations more than other professions within the health sector’. I wish we would all face our Nursing work and forget about some of these issues like; it's not visiting time, you are many there, go out, Doctor is seeing patient, ku jira a wuje (Hausa) , etc.

If you as a nurse feels you are not comfortable with many patients relations beside you or watching you carrying your nursing procedures you can politely ask them to give you few minutes to finish your work. But most times you hear us saying 'doctors are on rounds so wait outside' if the doctor is not comfortable with relations around him, then let him also ask them to wait outside......... I know there are wards that we truly as part of nursing care need to create a less noisy environment for our patients. E.g ICU, patients coming out from operation room i.e post op, labour ward, and post natal wards because of babies low immunities and fear of baby's theft. Etc.

But we can still be polite about it........ If the hospital feels they don't want patients relations over crowding the wards then they should sort it out by either appointing security men by the door post of each ward or nurse assistant........ Please we love saying we are scientific nurses let's try to earn that, let the public see us as one not fighting with patients and their relations over controlling traffic , where is our difference with the quacks we've been shouting about.

We always say 'it's not everybody you see in white that is a NURSE' fine, agreed; let's show our difference. WHERE AND HOW DID WE EVEN LEARN ALL THESE.......... We are all guilty of this. I myself is the chief sayer of 'kujira a wuje' (hausa) but of recent have really thought about why the whole country is crying over our so called 'RUDENES'....... This is purely my thought and opinion, i may be wrong.


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