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OPINION: Life In Schools Of Nursing, My Evidence Based Humble Argument
Date Posted: 19/Mar/2019
Admitted to school, facing the nonconventional system of academic calendar found no where in educational system of Nigeria. The stress is second to none. 
Three years imprisonment with hard labour the principal tells the prisoners_sorry student nurses. For three years you only have two weeks break to see your family (even then, serious studies continues). 
The normal educational system of Nigeria tertiary education runs four monthly per semester and after which two months holidays making a Bsc program last 32months(4years). 
The university BNSC PROGRAM:
This runs for 40months  (5years) of which the last 8months are equivalent to the midwifery specialty (RM) which usually runs for a year intensively.
My point
The schools of nursing runs for eleven and half months yearly that is approximately 34.5months in the three years (more than a conventional BSC program as above). This figure (34.5) divided by the conventional 8monthly system equals 4.3125years which is significant to be awarded a BSC degree. There is no argument that the intense training lectures ward postings makes these students outstanding in their various practice places. And ensure proficiency as well as real competency in professional expertise.
My advice
*why ND and HND
*Why not use this figures to lobby for BNSC and RN(NOT EVERYONE NEEDS THE RM(extra 4.7months) just RN and BNSC is satisfactory to many).
*why dropping our profession to the floor instead of putting it on the table to dine with their fellows.
*change the entry system add JAMB no wahala but the other exams still stands.
*review the curriculum upgrade plus and minus.
*I swore to heighten the standards of my profession and I don't see reasons with nurses technicians. 
*I am against ND HND nursing.
I am nurse Sikpi


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