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Anonymous Nurse: Which Way Now?
Date Posted: 20/Mar/2019
Its funny that some nurses and midwives in this our very own country are very content and relaxed combining nursing and cleaner. 
I got a job where I discovered I'll be cleaning the facility whenever I'm on night duty. I rejected the offer but one funny thing is that the nurse I was to replace had been doing it. 
I asked the head nurse about this and she said she had been battling it for a while with no headway. I now suggested that since she had trainees (auxiliaries), use them and do the cleaning since your MD doesn't want to employ cleaners. 
Her reply was and I quote: "Trainees said that is not what they came for ??''. 
I was speechless... 
So now it's a registered nurse that is good for the job of a cleaner but auxiliaries are not?. 
Nursing which way?
I asked what about theater soiled linens. They said I'll wash them. I said its better I still remain jobless than to do that because I don't have the skills for it.
The funny thing is the MD and matron now think I'm feeling too big and proud. 
Me: I don't give a s... 
What's your opinion!

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