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Anonymous Nurse: Nigerian Nurses, Quacks, Private Facilities And Peanuts
Date Posted: 18/Mar/2019
I just read an article on Nursingworld Nigeria By David Ibukun RN tittled "#QuacksInNursing, Still A Bane To The Nursing Profession.", and i felt compelled to share this:
I am also a young nurse like the writter above and after my studies I sort for a job and felt at that time that i was lucky enough to find one seeing as a whole lot of my friends and colleagues were still searching for one themselves (how time changes one's perceptions). Anyway, I got a job in Onitsha (Yes, Onitsha. But dont jump to any conclusions yet), and my "Monthly" pay as a Registered Nurse was N25,000. The Matron of the facility (I'm not going to call it a hospital) was a NOUN Graduate and after a few discreet findings were done I found out that her take home salary was N30,000.... 
Shocking, I Know
The duty roster for the facility was 7 days night and 3 days off. Then I found out that we were less tha 4 RN's working in the facility as every other person dressed up on white was an AUXILLIARY masquerading as a Registered Nurse. My job desciption at the facility included mopping the floors of the hospital, that of the Medical Directors Office, fetch water and also was the hospitals dirty linens with the other auxilliaries. 
I had wanted to confront the MD of the facility about this to make a point that none of the above were part of a nurses job description since there should have been cleaners or porters doing all that but when i brought the matter up at one of our facility meetings, the Matron and my colleagues all told me that if I tried it, the(MD) would not hesistate one bit to terminate my Employment. 
So, I kept quite and did my job (don't judge me) but at the back of my mind I knew I was just marking time there till I got a better offer.
At this point I know dear colleagues that after reading this you might be spitting fire and brimstone at your screens, but lets be frank if you havent felt the bite of being jobless for more than a few years or seeing others day in day out searching for jobs, you would jump at the opportunity to be getting something whilst still looking for a better option. But this is not in defence of bad pay or practices, #JustSaying.
Then I saw a job ad online here and applied for it, I was asked to show up for an interview and luckily the date fell on an off day for me, so i snuck off to lagos and after the interview I got the job, and with a better pay to boot.
Anyways, last I heard the Matron was still there working in the facility. 
There are many unhealthy environment where Professional Nurses work, but we all just tend to keep silent and stick our heads into the sands
Experienced nurses are leaving the profession. Newly qualified nurses are not getting the support they need. We need to stop this from happening. We need to stop the Nigerian Nurses from bleeding to death!
Many of our colleagues are experiencing burnout. It should not be like this. It cannot continue. It means ensuring that the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria patnering with the National Association Of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives has to ensure that the right number of nurses with the right skills to deliver effective care are in these hospitals and facilities working to care for members of the public and our love ones. 
It means valuing the nurses and paying them proper – not peanuts! It means no more sticking-plaster solutions or kneejerk reactions to not being paid well. Many Professional Nurses are Passing through similar things... some of them don't speak out, others might be Planning their exits but we are all in this together. 
We need to take a stand and bring about a much needed change. My story is different because I got out and was able to get a better option, others might and are not so lucky and are still stuck in servitude just to make ends meet


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