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RE: Invitation To Public Hearing/Call For Memoranda By House Of Representatives Committee On Health Institutions
Date Posted: 01/Dec/2018
It has come to the attention of the leadership of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives {NANNM} the advertisement on the above subject matter and the genuine concerns raised by our members on the absence of major stakeholders such as the NANNM and N&MCN. 
We are not unaware that the omission might be a deliberate act to sideline a target set of professionals and their professions by some set of selfish persons who believe, erroneously though, that the health sector is their exclusive jurisdiction. 
Another side to this isthe demonstration of ignorance by those saddledwith the task of health management in Nigeria who instead of looking clearly and without bias at the health sector arerather acting on ignorance withtheir make belief that only the self dealerspresumed tobe “leaders” arerelevant and thatother professionalsarenot relevant.  
They collaborate to perpetuate this crimewith impunity. This may be borne out of the fact that they realize and are intimidated by the highly cerebral inputs of nurses on issues like these which are based on facts unlike theirs which are premised on wishful thinking and lies which they deceptively brand “international best practices”.
This is not the first time they are employing this backdoor approach of mobilizing all their available arsenals ranging from deploying all government agencies in their custody to spending heavily on lobbying to get bills passed in their favour thus the persons they have lobbied will readily include them on the invitation list. 
Another instance of this their modus operandi was during the public hearing on the National Health Insurance Scheme and at that time, the leadership of NANNM engaged them and we were eventually involved and duly represented at the public hearing. On this case too, we immediately swung into action by contacting the persons in charge who apologized and furnished us with useful information on how to push in our own submission. 
Rest assured the association will make her own submission and be duly represented on this one too. Besides, public hearings of this nature always give caveat for relevant stakeholders who are not mentioned in the publications.
It is pertinent however to appeal to our members to remain calm and exhibit more confidence, support and maturity in making their concerns known on matters like these and others. While genuine concerns are greatly appreciated and have served as motivation that keeps the leadership on our toes, the association’s leaders are not encouraged by the way some of our members are only alert to sing woes and magnify shortfalls and downplay successes in the profession. We should be given to proffering solutions rather than lamentations. 
Nurses must learn more to organize rather than to agonize and we must make it a point of duty to let our discussion on issues generate light rather than heat. Our members should rather let us reflect on this and use it as a measure of the image of nurses and nursing {individually and collectively} and what value the Nigerian public is attaching to the profession and the professionals. Of all the professions and professionals included in the publication, there is none of them whose members are not represented in the upper and lower chambers of the national assembly hence making it easy for them to be adequately represented and their interests protected at the rudimentary stages of these processes. 
Nurses must begin to not only think seriously but also take active measures as to how do we too get involved in secular politics and politicking because if you are not on the table, you can only be on the menu.
The leadership at all levels is committed to and prepared to engage the system and ensure adequate representation at the public hearing. We will appreciate if members with suggestions and ideas on how to do this come forward with them to enable us all make an all-encompassing robust submission for the benefit of nurses and the nursing profession.
Thank you.
Alani Abdrafiu ADENIJI
National President, NANNM

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