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OPINION: Still On The SON/M Dilemmer By Agbo Jibrin, FTH Gombe.
Date Posted: 19/Nov/2018
Some of us don't want to  look into issues from different perspectives. Once they have crossed that stage, damn and to hell with the younger generation! 
Now, listen to me. Why do we as professionals at this age choose to perpetuate self-inflicted injuries?
NMCN and NANNM say the products of SON&M (an HND equivalent they say) do not deserve promotion and so be stagnated at point of entry because their qualification is single and amount to nothing, only subservient to Technicians and ND (who grow uninterrupted till Conhess 12 or 13), yet still go ahead and keep giving accreditation to same SON&M to produce these good for stagnation products, then something must be wrong with our collective psyche.
This continuous accreditation of SON&M whose products have no future in Nursing career is not only an act of wickedness to the unsuspecting young Nigerians, but a slap on the common sense of the generality of Nigerian Nurses.
Imagine a young chap who didn't know the career troubles in passing through a SON but only realizes that after graduation and got angry, changes his mind on Nursing. Do you think if such victim is one day in a position to make policy regarding Nursing make it in our favour. 
Why won't NMCN through the influence of NANNM stop accreditation of SONs and make Depts of Nursing stronger in University.
What is the joy in producing a cadre of Nurses who can't be employed on grounds of lack of double qualification?
How can we keep doing the same thing and expect different results.
Are the pains caused the present victims of single qualification by NMCN not enough. Why do we want to cause same pain to yet to qualify Nurses. What the hell is going on?
Where are heading to?
The other time at OSCE workshop, an NMCN stakeholder was telling me that, "why should we discard the old car when we haven't bought the new one?", Implying that SONs should keep producing RNs pending when there are sufficient graduates, regardless of the irrelevance that greeted SONs products.
Since products of SONs are regarded irrelevant by NMCN & NANNM, evident by their stagnation at Conhess 7,  NMCN should discontinue giving SONs further accreditation to save future Nurses the pain and agony of stagnation for which they can't force their employers to release them for further studies.
Manpower shortage will ever remain, so NMCN should stop using that as an excuse for the continued accreditation of SONs
Time and space will constrain me to bring my thoughts to bear. 
I therefore call on good-spirited Nurses to amplify this post until a change is effected in the right direction.
Shared by Muhammad Ahmad Saddiq


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