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Nursing Council Fees, Online Petitions And The Lackluster Attitudes Of Nigerian Nurses By Avalon
Date Posted: 19/Nov/2018
Online petitions in the 21st century and beyond have provided ways to effect change by letting people add their names to a particular cause to show the amount of support for it and When used as part of a larger strategy, online petitions allow people to virtually sign their names to a statement usually a web-based form and effect great change. Take for example the recent cancellation by fox of the series "Brooklyn 99", fans took to the internet, created a petition, got millions to sign and NBC picked up the show for another season in less than 31hours.
PETITION: Please STOP the implementation of the Upward review of fees and charges for transactions of the Nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria
I recall signing an online petition "5 YEARS" ago in 2014 on addressed to the then minister of health, Onyebuchi Chukwu requesting that he helps put a stop to the then implementation of the upward review of fees and charges at the Nursing council which was started by Nurse Jude Chiedu. 
He had wrtten extensively and invited nurses who felt the increment was not justified to go online and lend their voice to the campaign by signing the petition titled: "Please STOP the implementation of the Upward review of fees and charges for transactions of the Nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria" with the following content:
"Bearing the economic hardship at this time and the seemingly intractable acrimony in the health sector, It would have been expected of the nursing and midwifery council to fathom ideas to support the promotion and maintenance of excellence in nursing education and practise in Nigeria rather than an upward review of its charges and fees to the teeming masses of unappreciated, overworked and grossly underpaid Nigerian Nurses.
Most especially, the persistent cries by graduates of schools of nursing who are seeking means to further their education up to the university level but cant due to lack of schools offering degree programs in Nursing. We have seen the council move from affiliating nursing schools to universities and then the collegiate system and then monotechnics without success.
Internship for graduate nurses from universities is also a major area of concern as nurses continue to be denied this professional experience and opportunity for professional expertise.
Service delivery by the council has been nothing to write home about with license renewals and release of GNC exams taking donkey years to be processed.
Sir, we urge you to use your good office to rescind your signature on the memo approving the increment until the council sits up to its responsibilities and become more accountable and responsive to the yearnings of Nigerian Nurses."
One year after its creation, the petition only garnered a measly 414 signatures. 
The council fees were increased and nurses went about on facebook and whatsapp chat rooms ranting then went quite and paid their fees (AS USUAL).
PETITION: Please Reform The Nursing and Midwifery Training And Practice in Nigeria
Before that, there was also another petition on by a Nigerian nurse addressed to the President and begging to "please reform the nursing and midwifery training and practice in Nigeria.  
This petition got an embarrassing 17 signatures/supporters. 
PETITION: NMCN Work In Line With International Standards And Move Schools Of Nursing From The Ministry Of Health To The Ministry Of Education  
Again, another petition was started by Nurse Rahmat Mustapha-Adenuga about 3 years ago calling on the Nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria to "work in line with international standards and move schools of nursing from the ministry of health to the ministry of education. Rahmat also called on the council to work with the Nigerian universities commission (NUC) to provide a curriculum for bridging programs for registered nurses to earn their bachelor of science in nursing.
Again Nigerian Nurses showed their nonchalance for anything worth changing; the petition ended up with only 300 signatures/ supporters. 
Petition to Nursing And Midwifery Council Uk 
Approximately "TWO MONTHS AGO" Abimbola Jenfa started a petition on to the NMC UK, asking for them to include Nigeria in their list of English Speaking Countries calling its exclusion unfair! She had stated that "Nigeria is an english speaking country, All education levels are taught in english language as originated by the British Government.
Florence Nightingale , the founder of nursing schools was one of the pioneers of nursing in Nigeria and all guidelines to nursing are strictly followed by the regulating body(NMC Nigeria). Nurses go through rigorous training both in theory , practical & clinical postings to ensure they are well equiped and skilled for safe nursing practice before being registered and licensed to practice.
So why is Nigeria exempted from the NMC UK  list of english speaking countries. It’s  really unfortunate, very heart breaking and extremely demoralising seeing most of Nigeria Nurses using their RN certificate to work as HCAs, Support workers, Cleaners and lots more in UK due to several unsuccessful attempts of IELTS band 7 score requsted by NMC UK. However, if Nigeria is included in the list , the nurses would be left to prove their nursing skills, knowledge and expertise in other required exams without having to go through IELTS.
NMC Uk, can you please help African Nurses break this barrier of going through IELTS which is robbing most of them in using their hard earned Nursing skills and knowlegde in the Uk health sector by including countries whose nurses are trained and assessed in english language in your LIST as this will be of great benefit to the NHS and the community at large.
Even though we are not recognised as native speakers , English language is our Official Language."
This petition has got just 2126 signatures/supporters. 
Fighting Against Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria License Verification Rip Off 
Its 2018 and now ONCE AGAIN the council has seen fit to increase its charges and nurses have "AS USUAL" gone on a ranting spree on facebook, twitter and instagram to name a few platforms. Again a Nurse has decided to stand up and begin a new petition.
Olamide Babatunde-Aina started this petition on to Nurses and Midwives in Nigeria about 4 Days Ago writing:
"Hello Colleagues, a memo has been circulating the social media platform informing us that the new verification of license fee by the NMCN is 53,500 Naira, which in my opinion is a total rip off and daylight robbery. This petition is to kick against it and to inform the council that we have a voice and won't stand for this. Please sign this petition and pass it along to your colleagues."
As at the time of writing this the petition has gotten about 1940 signatures/supporters 
The lacklustre attitude of nurses to issues such as these is indeed heart breaking. It is high time we stop blaming our leaders and start looking inwards, we have to blame ourselves first, our colleagues next before looking at our leaders.
Nurses must learn to stand out, rise up, speak up not just on whatsapp pages but where it truly counts. The ball once more rests in your courts.
By Avalon
Nursingworld Nigeria Contributor


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