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#NigeriaAt58: Money-Saving Tips For Nurses
Date Posted: 01/Oct/2018
Nursing sometimes can be a fulfilling profession when your take home pay is worth it, but you can enjoy it more if you learn how to spend your salary wisely. Although some nurses enjoy job security, it still pays to set aside a portion of your salary to serve as your cushion in case of emergencies. Saving moey can help you do things you would like to dosometime later.
Here are some basic tips: 
Do not use your ATM cards for day to day small purchases.
Nurses, you should always try to pay in cash when buying basic needs. Your ATM's have dues and make yake you want to use them always without calculating the expenditures made. Use cash instead to determine how much you end up spending in tems of groceries, cards and others.
Make Use of the Internet
Nurses need to take time to visit and make proper use of the internet, Google is the friend of all. If you need to learn various medications and diagnoses and study further to advance in your profession then you can make use of those various online courses and programmes. You can also download e-books online and save as either PDF, or Epub versions on your laptops and smartphones.
Take good care of yourselves
Eat healthy and do try to avoid fast foods as best as you can. Plan your meals carefully and try your best to take time to eat healthy. Bring fruits or freshly squeezed fruit juice for snacks.
Make Use of The carpool option.
Owning a car entails lots of expenses as we should all be aware of by now, joining a carpool to go to work with your fellow nurses and spliting the fuel money can save you a whole lot. 
Buy whole sale scrubs or uniforms and not single units
Being in the profession demands frequent scrub purchases if your facility uses such. Your uniform tend to get dirty and stained easily so you really have to be impeccably clean all the time. Search the net for some retailers who offer discounts and if possible, buy wholesale in order to save costs.
Workout at home and manage your weight.
As ambassadors of health care, nurses are expected to always walk their talk. But for those who have been struggling with weight problems, this is easier said than done. You can follow an aerobic video, exercise without equipment, jog in the nearby park or do a basic yoga in the comfort of your home. 
You won’t notice it but savings do really help out during stormy weathers and rainy days. Every month end when paid, drop a little something out of it all with out fail. This is a very simple and effective way of saving money.
Good Luck

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