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Important Topics You Should Discuss With Your Teenagers By Nurse Nene Nwankwo
Date Posted: 29/Sep/2018
A teenager is a young person whose age falls within the range of 13-19 yrs. They are called teenagers because their age number ends with "teen". 
The teenage years are classified as Turbulent times as the children are going through many growth changes; physically and mentally. During these years, the hormones are all over the place, parts of the body develop in ways that can be confusing and strange. 
This is the time of their life that certain topics are important and are best discussed with an adult your teenager trusts. 
Deuteronomy 6:6-7: And these words which I command thee shall be in thy heart; and thou shalt teach diligently unto thy children, and shall talk to them when thou sittest and when thou walkest by the way and when thou risest up. 
Here are the most important topics you should discuss with your teenagers: 
1. Dealing with ACNE and Blackheads: 
ACNE otherwise known as pimples is one of the most common issues that teenagers will deal with. It is usually more between the ages of 11 and 18 years. 
The effects of Acne are amongst others: 
. Emotional distress, 
. Scars, 
. avoiding eye contact, 
. growing long or fixing long hairs to cover their face and 
. wearing heavy makeup to hide the pimples. 
As a parent or Guardian; help your teenagers with the following: 
a. Vitamin A foods e.g. Spinach and carrot 
b. Don't touch or pick the face; gentle cleansing of the skin 
c. Reduce sugar intake and eat more of fiber foods 
d. Exercise 
e. Clean up: Wipe your cell phone, glasses with antibacterial wipe and wash pillows weekly. 
Teens who can't manage their angers are bound to have problems like difficulty in relationships, career etc. 
Ecclesiastic 7vs9: Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry, for anger rest in the bosom of the foolish. 
A teenager's anger can be frightening. Parents find toddler tantrums hard enough to deal with, but when their child becomes taller than them We need to work on ways to deflate the balloon without bursting it. 
To keep their anger under control, try to do the following: 
. Teach them it is okay to be angry but not to harm people or damage properties, 
. Ask them about areas of conflict, 
. Don't constantly nag and complain about everything, 
. Teach them to recognize warning signs of anger like a rapid heartbeat, clenched fist and flushed face. 
. Encourage them to take a deep breath or count numbers 1-10 in their mind. 
. Be a role model with appropriate behavior: If you yell, swear and break things, don't expect your teen to control his or her anger. . KEEP TRYING.
A lot of girls start their period around 12years old, although some may start a little earlier or a little later. They can be painful and lead to physical symptoms. 
To reduce menstrual pain: Use a hot water bottle, exercise, Good personal hygiene, Drugs may be prescribed by a DOCTOR if pain is severe. 
An involuntary erection is normal during the teenage years. Help your son understand that it will go away after a short period of time. 
Wet dreams are also common. 
Teach them the effects of unintended pregnancy, lesbianism and homosexuality and masturbation, maternal death, dropping out of school, Religious implications, High rate of STDs and HIV. 
Friends will discuss alcohol, smoking, drugs and lots more. Drugs and Alcohol change the way you feel by altering the chemicals that keep your brain working smoothly. 
Teach your teens the dangers of all these like: Poor grades, legal problems, arguments, depression and brain damage.
And above all else be the kind of parent you would be proud of when you look into the mirrow.
About the Author
Nurse Scholastica Nene Nwankwo (Mrs) is a Professional Nurse with more than 20yrs of Nursing practice and international expertise. She is currently a First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor under the American Heart Association & the American Safety And Health Institute.
She also works with Nursingworld Nigeria

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