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Experiencing Public Stereotyping As A Male Nurse - By Linus Paul RN
Date Posted: 28/Sep/2018
Many people experience some kind of discrimination, stereotyping, or even prejudice against them at some point in their lives because of their race, sex, sexual orientation and even sometimes because of their jobs. 
As a male nurse I’ve experienced stereotyping. I’ve had patients tell me they don’t want me to be their nurse because I'm a male. I’ve been called a womanizer amongst other unprintable names.
Once I walked into an examination room where a patient was waiting, and before I had a chance to introduce myself, they said, ‘I thought I was seeing Doctor'.  I just smiled and said, ‘Yes you are going to see the Doctor. But you just get to see me first. I’m Linus paul. I’m a nurse, and I’m going to check your Blood pressure and temperature before the doctor comes in." 
Then they usually say, ‘But youre not female...’ 
When I worked in nursing GOPD, it was common for me to hear, ‘Thanks, Doc!’ as I was leaving a room,  and it didn’t matter how many times I introduced myself as their nurse. They always made that mistake but i always took the time to correct them.
Sometimes, some patients or their family members do not want a male nurse to care for them or their loved ones for the simple reason of him being a male. There are instances in which patients will request a female nurse because of religious reasons. I respect patients’ wishes because they are in control of the management of their health, so I simply switch assignments. I’m never offended by this. 
I think it is important for people to know that my gender does not prevent me from providing quality care to each of my clients.
I am a nurse, providing quality, dignified care. I am not practicing as a male or a female, but just generally as a caregiver. As males, we also desire to be caring, and you get a chance to have a career that allows you to care for people meaningfully.
By Linus Paul
Nursing world Nigeria Contributor

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