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The Doctors Assistants By Goodwin Imeka RN
Date Posted: 23/May/2018
Since the commencement of the #johesustrike, summountable numbers of articles have been written by both professionals in healthcare and without. I on my part have committed myself very much to consistently perusing on these pieces or writings and i must say that they have been very much impressive, the knowledge, ignorance, advice, opinions, disapproval etc. Exhibited in all of these writings. What is even more impressive is the minute ignorance even some colleagues in healthcare and members of the public hold on to and that is the thought that: Nurses are doctor's assistants.
It is not thé first time i have seen or heard this from ignorant people and so i must say that it doesn't put me to thé bother, however, people must understand that the information fed them by nollywood is deadly in itself as they have no clue whatsoever they portray.
From thé beginning of thé reign of thé famous and renowned personality Nightengale, where nursing was set right as a profession, non was known of her as thé best doctor's assistant there was but an outstanding nurse and Pioneer of modern nursing. Countless men and women Also dedicated their lives to thé healing of mankind and till today, thé caring nature of nursing holds still.
while nurses and doctors may work very close to ensure good patient outcome, and doctors in Nigeria mostly the  providers ( unlike advanced countries where nurses also lead the team), the two professions are divergent yet  perpendicular. Nursing unlike medicine focuses on caring for patients using nursing thérapies that are care-based, this means that when treated by a nurse, thé focus is not based on 'take sôme drugs and go home'  because nurses care for thé entire person, that is physical, social, mental, psychological and spiritual aspect of thé aformentioned person (holistic care) which sets it apart from medicine which has a cure focus, treatment of diseases and mostly with thé use pharmaceutical and mechanical interventions.
Nurses treat patients with what is called thé nursing process which is a systematic approach of identifying patients needs or problems, diagnosing that problem , setting objectives, carrying out those objectives and evaluating their outcome. I am sure most people even doctors who work very closely with us are ignorant of this.
May i list some nursing diagnoses hère and sée if they seem familiar or ever known
* Spiritual distress
* Chronic sorrow
* Autonomic dysreflexia
* disturbed body image
* frail elderly syndrome
* ineffective coping  etc.
Nursing is a unique body filled with knowledge, abilities, skills, talents and enablements.Thé amount of time spent in school is not just to mâke beds and give injections, if it were, i could have graduated after my first semester. There is more to nursing than the surface anatomy. Afterall no one is trained in thé university to be an assistant neither is there a course in nursing called Doctors assisting. Nurses are independent primary providers and can perform their duties without the influence of other health professionals yet collaboratively with them.
According to the Board of Nursing Boston: the nurse duty is to thé patient and superceeds hospital policies or physicians' order. Nurses know their worth and must know more if they are lagging in anyway.
Every profession in thé world is valuable in its own way and non is more valuable than the other, all professions are body parts finely fused together to give a complete body, therefore no profession should think itself better or superior to the other as one can only apprehend the necessity of another profession when there is a dire need for such a professional.
Your worth stops where other's worth begin.
Superiority is a stupid contrivance, it only exist in one's mind and keeps one from enjoying the necessity of others.
So thé next time you see a nurse, understand that you are not seeing a doctor's assistant but a NURSE.
G. A. Imeka dip. HC, RN-BNSc (candidate - MAAUN)

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