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#MenInNursing By Kareem Oluwagbemiga Light
Date Posted: 28/May/2018
Nursing is a caring profession, according to Pieper an associate of Dean of BNS and MSN programs in nursing once said and I quote  "*Nursing Is An Amazing Career*". 
Most people do not realize that nursing needs the smartest, brightest, neat, intelligent and best people ever. Nurses makes the first decision whether the patient needs a physician or not. They are ones that makes a preliminary diagnosis if someone is going downhill quickly. "They makes that call right at the beside" Pieper.
The general public still perceive nursing as primarily woman's job that requires a nurturing caring personality. When they call someone a Nurse the only thing they are expecting to see is a beautiful lady or woman. Though women are caring we can not over emphasize that but men are more Caring and handsome, they are trained to carry over a specialise health care delivery. Many also think that men enters into Nursing because most of them if not 100% failed in their pursuits as a Doctor. NURSING is not just a PROFESSION it's a Calling on its own. A God given profession that centralized on Healthcare delivery.
Why Do Men Need to Study Nursing. 
Linus Paul(A male nursing student Abia state university) Said ""Male Nurses are polyvalent nurse jack of all trades and master of all."" They are committed people, most of the time people see them as the one ordering the females around, some even go to the extent of referring to them as doctors or pro-doctors.
Ibe Ezekiel( A male nursing student Ambrose Alli University) Said
 ""The future of Nursing Profession lies in the hand of the males"". In the sense that males nurses want to learn more, they are not just tired of learning, most of them want to be an educator, Many of them now are doing their BNS and MSN programs they are willing to teach and mentor future generations of nurses.
Dr Esu(A male Nurse and a lecturer in Ambrose Alli University) Said 
""I studied Nursing because I would love to say at the End of the day that I Am fulfilled"".
In Uk and other developed countries Nursing is a great way to start with and with an excellent salary. 
Job opportunities
Male Nurses have easier time getting nursing jobs such as medical position or job requiring physical strength, such as Mental health while women have a much easier time getting hired into traditionally female areas such as Labour and delivery(Sharon Perkins).
Men have a decided advantage when it comes to promotion into management and administration position recently in Kwara state for the first time A male nurse appointed as the commissioner for health.
Just like women, men also have great emotions. They want to see their patients do well.
About The Author:
Name: Kareem Oluwagbemiga Light.
School: Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma Edo State
Level: 400L
References: Nursing journal, nursing magazine.

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