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International Confederation of Midwives ICM Research AWard 2018
Date Posted: 27/Apr/2018
The ICM Code of Ethics states that: 'Midwives use up-to-date, evidence based, professional knowledge to ensure safe midwifery practices in all environments and cultures". Research is the foundation of the ICM 3 pillars tEducation, Regulation and A ww-iation), and ongoing education and research are the lifeblood of any vibrant profession. Supporting research done by midwives has been an integral part of the Confederation's work for more than a decade. 
In collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, whose credo values are to help create a world where people, no matter their circumstances, have access to quality health care, the ICM Research Award was established. The ICM Research Award (57,003) seeks to promote midwifery research that enhances and documents evidence-based midwifery practice and to further develop midwifery research capacity. It supports midwives to engage in research and recognize nu:Neves who have taken an active role in conducting research or dissemination thereof through conferences and other channels. 
The candidate Candidates must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for the KM Research Award: 
• Be a midwife according to the ICM International Definition of a Midwife. • Be a member of an ICM member association unless no member association exists in that country. 
• Be a principle researcher for the research proposal 
• Presents a research proposal in one of the 3 ICM languages for the use of the award. 
The proposal Focus of the research must be In one of the following midwifery research priority areas: 
1. Implementation and/or translation of evidence to support best practices in newborn/infant or maternal care and best outcomes. 
2. Prevention of maternal, neonatal and/or Infant morbidity and mortality 3. Psychosocial aspects of maternal and/or newborn care 
4. Physiologic bath 
5. Building research capacity of midwives 
Selection criteria The selection committee, composed of representatives of the Research Standing Committee, together with relevant staff of iCM HQ and the iCM Board liaison to the RSC will make the selection based on the following criteria. 
• Midwives from each of the six iCM regions will be considered, at least 8 awardees will be selected from low and lower/middle income countries in Africa Asia-Pacific and/or Latin America/Caribbean. 
• The focus of the research should be on one of the aforementioned midwifery research priority areas. 
• At least one award per year will be awarded to research focusing on neonatal skin care, infant massage and/or parental engagement in appropriate sensory stimulation for the newborn and its importance in healthy development. 
Award and award winners Up to 4 awards will be announced yearly from 2016 to 2018, and will be recognized at a iCM Regional or International Congress during that year. 
Winners will receive: 
• Financial support up to $ 7,000 to encourage and promote the development of their research. The award may be used for the design, initiation or implementation of an existing research study or activity e.g. data collection or preparing the research for publication. 
• Full sponsorship for the iCM Regional Conference or Congress where (s)he will be recognised as part of the award ceremony. 
• The opportunity to share the project during the iCM Regional Conference or Triennial Congress. 
When and how to submit Participate in the ICM Research Award for 2018 by sending your application form to the International Confederation of Midwives by 18 May, 2018. Please write "Submission for ICM Research Award" in the subject line of your email. 
If you do not have access to email, then please mail your completed submission to: 
International Confederation of Midwives C/O ICM Research Award Submission Laan van Meerdervoort 70 2517 AN, The Hague The Netherlands 

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