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The Nursepreneur Series Episode 2: What Options Are Open To Me? By Goodwin Imeka
Date Posted: 26/Mar/2018
Ideas are one of the most wonderful things God has put in man, the ability to think. Everything that ever was and will ever be will all erupt from an idea, the truth is, great inventions all came from a tiny idea, as small as a muster seed, yet when planted, grows and becomes as big as same muster tree.
There are few steps to deriving a business idea: these are: 
1. Brainstorming: in this step, you have to think about all the possible businesses you could establish, think, think, think... What is your qualification, your abilities, your likes, what need is there to satisfy, what can be done to satisfy them? Write your ideas down, and then we shall proceed.
2. Ruling out process: just as you rule out differential nursing diagnosis, now rule out those ideas which you think may not be very comfortable for you to initiate, think about how pragmatic those ideas are, using your knowledge of critical thinking, analyze those ideas excruciatingly and finally rule out ideas that do not meet the criteria of getting to the next level.
3. Rewarding the lucky sperm: now in our basic embryology, after an incredible journey made by  sperms to reach the secondary oocyte, only one is rewarded with the gold medal and is allowed to fuse with the egg to produce a zygote. Now, reward the most appealing idea, not based on emotions but by logical, practical, and realistic abilities of that idea to become an actual business.
Having been able to work on an idea appreciably, the next step will be the execution process which will be treated on subsequent articles.
Be sure to get someone to advice and guide you especially a professional who will not hide information from you on how to make your way through, which ideas are liable to succeed or fail, yet you should know when one is advising you in sincerity, when one is just playing nice to ever idea you present and when they are just being negatively critical.
Good luck.
By Goodwin Imeka
Goodwin Imeka is a contributor to the Nursingworld Nigeria Platform

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