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The Nursepreneur Series Episode 1 By Goodwin Imeka RN
Date Posted: 14/Mar/2018
When I was in college, one of the courses I studied and enjoyed as a borrowed course was entrepreneurship, it was the school's aim to get it's graduates to go into the world and become job creators instead of job seekers. Even though we studied this course all through the years we spent in school, most students still were appreciably far from essence of why we had to be thought such a course insomuch that when you asked most of them what they wanted to do after school, the response was always the same ' I just want to find a hospital that I can work'. No one was challenged to interpret all what had been learnt.
Nursing is always attributed with altruism and benevolence, that fact which most people misunderstand and liken with poverty. Of all my lecturers, only one has expressed, by advising students, the necessity of entrepreneurship.
The truth is, everyone needs money and nurses are not excluded, our job is not for the money, but the money must be made, I mean isn't that how you buy clothes, pay the kid's school fees, feed etc?
Interestingly, entrepreneurship goes beyond simple setting up a venture to maximize profit (even though that is the first aim of every business), there is a lot about adding value and changing lives. There are many reasons why enterprenuership is essential for nurses
1.Nigeria's health system wouldn't be the same, if the richest person in the country was a nurse; 
2. Half of our problems, including running out of the country, not enjoying full professional autonomy, inability to command respect and recognition etc could have been solved.
3. The nursing industry will become illuminating and fascinating to nursing aspirants
4. Nurses will be able to make money and perform better in the altruism that they are known for
5. The quackery we are struggling with today will be extinct if majority of private health facilities were owned by sincere and patriotic health promoters (nurses) as only professional nurses will be employed and not quacks.
The list continues until infinity. However despite these voluminous benefits, only a handful of nurses are actually into entrepreneurship, the reasons are not far fetched.
1. Most nurse have no clue what the term entrepreneurship means, a lot of them want to find a good paying job, work for 35years, grow old and become a pensioner, but the hard truth is this, if Dangote was a government employee, he would never have got to where he is now. Nothing stops you from owning a business while in public service.
2. There is this dire need for success and the fear to fail, the truth is most business fail, most times even in the hands of experts but that is a good reason to be motivated not to give up. If starting seems scary to you, work with an expert or someone who has owns a flourishing business to help you on. Also, it may be a nice idea if possible to keep your job while on this.
3. The thought that health care business is just about hospital, clinics and maternity clinics. Most of the nurses I have talked with about entrepreneurship do not seem to know beyond these categories, they claim not to have the capital to build a clinic or so, but there are a thousand and one businesses in health care, especially in the nursing industry.
4. Most nurses want security, having a job may be nice, but it keeps you from actualising your dream when you begin to rely so much on your salary and employer. In this century, most jobs, including government jobs are not secured.
There are also so many reasons why nurses do not consider owning a business but if you want to demonstrate all the talent and skills you reserve and all consider how many lives you could actually save or touch, you really will be motivated to go show your talent.
Many of our private health care practice are owned by doctors, the very reason society seems to believe that we are under them... 
Nurses have to work hard to regain their honour and one of the way to go is entrepreneurship.... Become a NURSEPRENUER today.
Subsequently of course, more articles will be written to help guide and inform you of how you can take simple steps to becoming a NURSEPRENUER. for private discourse; E-mail:
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