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OPINION: Lets Look On The Bright Side By Goodwin Imeka
Date Posted: 01/Mar/2018
Going directly to the point I will like to advice Nigerian nurses to get out of the shell of complaints, I am saying this in respect to articles I have found on websites quite recently, this isn't the first time I must say, that I have found such debilitating and emotionally down casting articles, they only are a medium of weighing us who are yet to be nurses down, making us scared of entering into the profession and by no means any motivation.
I will like to elucidate here that I am not completely oblivious of the challenges and predicaments faced by the Nigerian nursing profession, it may be true what those articles portray but to some of us who read this articles and to the public, it seem as though we have come to the nadir of our optimism or even in despair, as these articles do not, I repeat by any way motivate anyone.
The truth is, not only the nursing profession suffers all these troubles as it is illuminated, I recently found out from my colleague who is a lawyer, how quackery is also assailing the legal profession. Am I insinuating that we have to fold our hands and just watch these unfortunate issues manifest?-no! But I think we may be chanting our problems much more than they really are.... I generally am not a complainer and I don't think any nurse should be, even though these aforementioned articles offer consoling advice and way-forward suggestions at the end, they by no way undo the massive lamentation and non-motivation  from the beginning....
Furthermore we may want to learn critically from the Israelites and the reason it took them forty years instead of days to reach the promise land- it was complaining, the evil grip of complaining delayed them for generations.
I am writing this because, I consider myself a 'get up and do it' person, there is just no time for unaiding complaints. How about we start looking on the bright side, against all odds, counting the good we have achieved and portraying the wonders of how far we have come than professional wailing that will be of no help.
We could encourage the works of nursing world Nigeria and nurses on air as well as other proactive nursing agencies for the tremendous works they are doing, I may not know all, but I know that helpless bad experiences don't help those you are advising... If anything you think should be done isn't, channel your complaints and suggestions to the appropriate source, you may not see immediate change but it doesn't also mean that your opinions are useless.
I will like to conclude by quoting John F. Kennedy: 'ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country'
If we all put as much effort into contemplating on what we could do to remedy the problems faced by nurses in Nigeria and stop wailing, we may actually etables change...the truth is 'human right isn't what is presented to you on a golden table, it is what you go out and fight to have' whoever said this, I have no idea, anyway.... Enough of the talking....wò mi o lè ro  Jō ju...let me come and be going.
By Imeka Godwin Ashindor'itiang Bnsc
Maryam Abacha American university of Niger.
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