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My First Clinical Experience By Ademiju Solomon RN (Contributor)
Date Posted: 07/Mar/2018
Clinical posting and experience has ever been in existence before the rise of people like us into school of Nursing for several thousands of years. I remember all the emotions I felt prior to entering nursing school; anxiousness, fear, excitement, and everything in between. Aside from the school work, most of those feelings stemmed from what would be a real life experience as a nurse during our clinical rotations.
While in the classroom battling with one block study or the other, the feeling of practicing on a live patient was always at the fore front of our minds, the rare privilege of catering or caring for patient/client who are old enough to be our granny's at home and even younger ones who are almost of the same age range with our siblings, the social interaction of the nurse and the patient that make up the present day holistic nursing lifestyle was a memory we couldn't wait to experience as young student nurses who is set to cross the hurdles of the almighty "six month" weeding/progress examination if i may say "Scared the crap out of us".
Quite a number of experience had been shared to us by our senior colleagues in school and in the profession. Some were scary while some were sweet tales of how they were celebrated by their patients/clients even after he/she had been discharged from the hospital. 
A plunge into some of these experiences was an eye opener for us on our first day on the ward as young student nurses as the hospital environment was quite different from what we were told concerning the merry making lifestyle of both medical doctors and nurses. 
Our resumption to ward the first day was like an answered prayer for some "you know who's" who derived pleasure in lifting all the workload of the day onto the student nurses on duty. 
Initially, we were so eager to be part of every procedure carried out in the ward from daily bed baths to serving of drugs to checking and recording of patient's vital signs to wound dressing and all other forms of procedures. Little did we know that carrying out most of these procedures deals with high professional skills, so we ended up being observers at most of the procedures.
The morning duty started in a rather jovial manner by the staff nurses on duty who welcomed us to the ward by addressing us as "capless nurses", a phrase used for PTS nursing students and introduction of the ward was done accordingly with appropriate questions popping up at frequent intervals by some inquisitive colleagues of mine. 
We visited the patients one after the other to greet and wish them quick recovery with huge smiles plastered on our faces and so much energy in our steps.
The staff nurses did the handing and taking over of duty and the work for the day started with checking of patients vital signs at 10:00a.m and serving of the meals and medication at the right time under the supervision of the staff nurse on duty. We were allocated to different beds to relate with the patients and build a nurse- patient relationship with them and also to reassure their relatives. 
As a student nurse, reassuring relatives and encouraging a sick patient on the bed meant a lot to us and these made us to be more punctual at all ward posting and the general ward round that was carried out by both the medical doctors and nurses that day was an exposure we couldn't afford to miss because it was an avenue for us to learn more about the disease condition of each patient and even how to manage them both medically and surgically.
It is therefore inaccurate to call my first day in the ward as a student nurse an ordinary day with normal occurrences when the experience I gained that particular day still lingers in my memory.
By Ademiju Solomon RN


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