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Avant Toi Dear Nurses By Godwin Imeka RN (Contributor)
Date Posted: 07/Mar/2018
Avant toi is French for before you, this article aims to describe who should come first.
Nurses are busy all day working until they drop and don't complain, nurses are the only professionals who don't know THE DAYS OF THE WEEK or holidays.... If you think I am economical with truth, just ask a nurse who has been working several hours what day it is today, and see if he/ she will give the correct answer immediately, without first hesitating to check.
Sometimes in the line of duty we forget even our birthdays, our kid's birthday or our wedding anniversary. This has become the norm but I beg to differ. Nursing should be an 'Avant toi' perspective, not 'avant moi'.
what does this mean you might ask?
I am sure we all know the popular saying ' you can't give what you don't have' in truth, most nurses try to give what they don't have from the 'avant moi' perspective, and even go as far as borrowing, just to give, they don't have breaks, they are always working and don't complain no matter how choked the job is for them, even when they get home, they are busy researching into patient's condition and barely join social gatherings or find pleasure in just doing nothing.
What have I been rumbling about?
The fact that most nurses don't take care of themselves, the sooner they observe this, they are ill already. Back pain from lifting, PUD from not eating when they should and migraine from critical thinking, documentation, care plans etc.
When a nurse indulges him or herself in this kind of routine, soon he or she will break down and actually not be able to care, even on the sick bed, nurses can't wait to get better so they can go back to work, instead of sleeping peacefully, he or she is busy watching the next patient to see if he still has his IV cannula on, or if the fluid is still dripping.
Well the truth is, it is not your fault and since there is nothing like caring too much, no one can claim you are guilty, however
Care on a scale of 100/nurse and patients should be Nurse=60â„…, patient=40%
The more a nurse learns to use the avant toi perspective, the more the nurse can be strong enough to care. Take care of yourself first, eat well, drink a lot of water when you should, sleep when you should and go to the bathroom when you should, don't turn yourself into a workaholic as you will never finish the job, a lot more nurses tried before you and did not succeed, that is because the job never ends, it is not signing papers, or drawing a picture or discussing political issues, it is the business of saving lives.
Make a better use of your off days, if you have to join an exercise programme to help you keep fit, do that. Do whatever it is that keeps you gleeful and takes time away, have fun with family and friends and remember to hang out with some of your nursing folks, where you can talk about your job, joke and eat cup cakes
Learn to take care of yourself FIRST. 
My mum used to say, when we talked about food and how we needed more than she, ' if a child falls, the mother can rush to him and help him but if a mother falls, the child can't help'.
So know that your knowledge and skills are invaluable insomuch that the country can't afford to lose you....
By Godwin Imeka RN

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