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University Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA) Writes NYSC Director General
Date Posted: 25/Mar/2015

The Director General,

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC),

Plot 416,Tigris Crescent, Off Aguiyi Ironsi Street,

Maitama, Garki,Abuja.



Preamble: We bring you fraternal greetings of Florence Nightingale and wish to inform you that our Association and members are happy with you and NYSC over the strides so far achieved  on national integration, unity and stabilization through the continuous secular wiring of our youths, with the Nationalist tenets and activities of the scheme, despite the increasing attack on the fabrics of our National cohesion by activities of insurgents, ethnic militia and unguarded and hate utterances from some parochial and narrow minded Politicians. Our prayer is that God of Unity, Peace and Progress shall continue to increase the fortunes of the NYSC Scheme and that of its Leaders, like you, and other individuals who are committing extraordinary efforts to encapsulate the Nation in Unity, Peace and Progress through the services and activities of the scheme.

2.      Sir, we wish to notify you that the pronouncement you made on 23rd December, 2014 as published by the Nigerian Tribune Newspaper, is not peculiar or limited to the University Graduates of Medicine and Surgery alone but also applies to the University Graduates of Nursing Science. The newspaper on the said date had quoted that NYSC will henceforth stop the mobilization of Medicine Graduates who are yet to complete their Housemanship (internship).

3.      One year internship training forms an integral part of the National University Commission’s (NUC) approved training curriculum of the Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.N.Sc.) degree programme as it is with that of Medicine and Surgery.

4.      We believe that mobilization for the NYSC schemes for any University Graduate irrespective of his/her field of studies should only be done when such a person has fulfilled all the NUC approved mandatory training prologue, which in the case of University Graduates of Nursing like their counterparts in Medicine, includes a one year internship training prior to mobilization for NYSC.

5.      Based on that we wish to emphasize that the mobilization of the Graduates of the B.N.Sc. degree without their participation in or completion of the internship training that forms an integral part of their NUC approved curriculum is a professional error that must be corrected forthwith.

6.      Nursing, like Medicine, is a practical discipline that blends theory with experience. According to Kant, ‘experience without theory is blind and theory without experience is a mere intellectual play’. NUC in its wisdom had approved the mandatory internship training for the graduates of B.N.Sc. degree to afford them the opportunity to blend theories, acquired in the University classroom, with clinical expertise required for client care, which is the hub of Nursing.

7.      It is a great disservice to the Nation to mobilize Graduates of B.N.Sc. degree that are yet to acquire clinical expertise, afforded by the internship training, to handle the health of Nigerians especially those living in remote places where they are always posted to serve.

8.      Nigerians deserve the best and NUC has afforded us the best by including internship training as compulsory in the curriculum of the B.N.Sc. degree programme to blend qualitative University Nursing education with comprehensive clinical expertise for better healthcare of Nigerians.

9.      Sir, we therefore, strongly implore that you do the needful and apply the same pronouncement you made about the mobilisation of Medicine Graduates, to the University Graduates of Nursing Science by compelling the relevant authorities such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, Federal Ministry of Health, Federal Ministry of Education, Universities offering B.N.Sc. degree programmes and so on, to put in place structures for the Nurses’ internship and ensure that Graduates of B.N.Sc. degree programme complete the training and provide evidence for such prior to mobilization for the scheme

10.  A stitch in time saves nine!

Submitted with deepest sense of respect and responsibility.                         


Chief (Hon.) S. E. O. EGWUENU                                NURSE G. I. NSHI

National President                                                          National Secretary

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