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Ebola: NMA Deceit and the N1.9 Billon Special Intervention Fund
Date Posted: 13/Aug/2014
NMA commendation of federal government declaration of Ebola Disease Virus outbreak as an emergency and NMA declaration of her readiness to collaborate with government is laughable as it reveals the hidden desire for money and insincerity of the association.
Nigeria Medical Association led by political physicians has been on strike before the outbreak of this infectious virus in Nigeria and plea to call off or suspend the strike has been given deaf ears not even on the ground of this deadly virus have they yielded a positive response, but suddenly all state branches of NMA are ready to collaborate with government on ending the outbreak.
These political class at the echelon of NMA were however quick to commend Mr President for declaring a state of emergency on the deadly Ebola Virus, deceiving the ever gullible populist that they care for the patient and health of every Nigerian. A society were liars are clothed with the garment of truthful leaders what do you expect, lies become the official language.
If they love the people as they claim, they will not be on strike when bomb victims are on hospital beds across the country and faced with an epidemic of this magnitude warranting declaration of an emergency. This emergency now calls for all hands to be on deck so as to fight the virus and prevent it from spreading so as to restore normalcy.
Those who are thinking the commendation is a sign of good will are day dreaming, the reason for NMA commendation is because the federal government has opened a new channel for looting of money, the amount is 1.9billion naira and it may end up in the pocket of these NMA political leaders which they will use to manage for the end of year celebration adding to the unspent budgetary allocation they also control as directors in ministry of health. It will take care of the normal Christmas holiday shopping in Dubai and their annual vacation in Paris and other major cities in Europe.
You may not agree but have you asked the NMA president why he resigned and his resignation was not accepted? He had a deal with the king makers in NMA to carry on the struggle to maintain exclusive head of the health sector so that they continue their looting of funds allocated to the sector. His resignation is seen as losing the struggle and their insatiable quest to oiling their pocket.
The comatose state of our health sector is as a result of these cabals; they award all the contracts and medical supplies to themselves and cronies and divert monies for the sector development into their pockets exclusively as they are the only authorized persons allowed to do so based on their own understanding of being the only medically qualified which they have forced the federal government into accepting in a commando style.
 However, few physicians are not aware of this arrangement, those who know are simply told to wait for their turn as very soon they will be in management position to participate in the” lootocracy” going on in the sector while some with godly conscience are seriously kicking against this evil  enrichment.
NMA must know that the Nigerian people have suffered enough. They have shed tears as a result of early but avoidable deaths of loved family members and friend, paying millions in order to access health outside the country when it could be done here at home if funds allocated to the sector are properly utilized as budgeted.
Only if we had leaders who can stop this madness going on in the health sector , only if our leaders will think beyond winning elections to doing the right thing needed now our health sector will rise up to the challenge of combating this disease trends that now threatens our existence.
Toroko Amos (Concerned Citizen)
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