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Summary Of The Yayale Ahmeds Presidential Committee On Inter-Professional Relationship In The Public Sector: Interactive Session With Stakeholders
Date Posted: 13/Jun/2014
Meeting started with silent prayer by all the attendees at exactly 11am.  Introduction of all participants and the associations they represent was done.
The Chairman, Alh. Yayale Ahmed welcomed everybody and stated that, he hoped the committee would find a lasting solution to the disharmony among the stakeholders in the health sector. He promised the committee would do a thorough and perfect job and be an unbiased umpire. Not the headship of the organisation that matters but raising a team to deliver the best for our patients in line with the best practices across the globe. He prayed, this would be the last face off and disharmony in the health sector.  He further stated that all memoranda submitted by each association and regulatory bodies were carefully gone through so all we needed to do was for each association to present what should be solutions and the way forward.
Each association was given 7mins to make her presentation and 2mins to conclude.
Accused ASSOPON of not changing from the old practice, which gives room for anachy in our laboratories. 
Demanded for an Organogram which should have a Pathologist as the undisputed head of the team in accordance with MDCN Act.
Assoc. of Radiographers of Nigeria(ARN); 
Accused the Radiologists of not issuing reports on time, which they claimed is largely due to maladministration of the head of the department of radiology.
Their prayers are; 
1. Radiographers to be allowed to scan the patients as this is now done in the advanced countries. 
2. Radiographers should be allowed to report their films.
Committee of Heads of Pharmacy in Nigeria Health Institutions; 
They alleged;
1. Repression from Doctors.
2. Their fellowship not backed by any circular, so they want the fellowship to be recognised in the scheme of service and remunerated accordingly. 
3. There's stagnation in their carrier progression which should be corrected. 
Environmental Health Officers Association;
1. Functions are streamlined in the ministry
2. They want a directorate of environmental officers in the ministry. 
3. Recruitment of more environmentalists.
4. From the Ministry of Health, ministry of preventive health should be carved out so as to resolve role conflict that is in existence presently.
5. Adequate and sustainable budgetary allocation.
6. Department of environment should be captured in the 3 tiers of Govt. 
Guild of Med. Laboratory Directors;
1. Their colleagues in the public sector are repressed.
2. The infighting among stakeholders should stop.
3. Employment of Auxiliary technologists should be discouraged. 
4. Allow independent observers to inspect laboratories both within and outside the hospitals.
5. Respect the rule of law.
Health Information Managers Association of Nigeria:
1. They alleged complete neglect. 
2. Not allowed to rise to the peak of their profession.
3. Exclusion from decision making in our hospitals.
4. Hippocracy of the managers of our hospitals.
1. Record officers to be drafted to all departments in the hospital eg NHIS, A&E etc.
2. Records dept to be operated electronically
3. A curriculum should be developed for them within the university system in Nigeria.
1. NMA is not a registered labour union, it's a professional association operating as a labour union.
2. The extant Labour laws in Nigeria as well as International Labour Organisation laws should be adhered strictly to by the Govt.
3. JOHESU under it has 5 registered unions hence can negotiate with the Govt. 
4. Clinical services in our hospitals can be headed by doctors but the head of health care services should be left open for any qualified health managers.
5. They desire equity, fairness and justice in the health sector.
1. Medicine should be practiced according to international best practices.
2. All areas in the health sector has a doctor consultant in that field so creating a non doctor consultants will bring chaos and anarchy in such department and who will take the ultimate responsibility of patient care?
3. The laws regulating medical practice in Nigeria need to be amended.
4. Surgeon General of the federation or Chief Medical of health office should be resuscitated.
1. The headship of our institutions should not be the exclusive right of doctors, every other professional in the health sector should be able to apply for the post or in the alternative a professional administrator to manage our health system.
2. Doctors dominate all the directorates in the ministry of health.
3. Salary relativity should be equitable, they want a single salary structure in the health sector.
4. Entry points for all graduates in the health sector to be level 9.
5. Advocated a health summit. 
1. Medicine is an act with a team work hence we need a leader in that team who is a doctor.
2. Appropriate regulations from all regulatory bodies should be sought after.
3. Indiscipline and insubordination should be tackled frontally. 
4. Each professional should know his/her limits
5. Respect team work and leader. 
6. Office of the Chief Medical of Health or Surgeon-general should be resuscitated.
7. Relativity as it is practised world over should be maintained in our health sector.
8. Conflicting laws governing health care delivery in Nigeria should be abrogated.
1. Training, skill acquisition, and service delivery have moved up.
2. Nurses are not seen and recognised as a professionals
3. They want intenship program for graduate nurses.
4. Fellows of postgraduate nursing college should be recognised as consultants.
5. Incursions of doctors into their profession eg. midwives are no longer allowed to take deliveries in teaching hospitals, Nurses no longer do wound dressing on the ward.
6. Doctors as the head of the team that they claim to be must carry everybody along.
7. Other professionals in the health sector must be allowed to head the hospitals.
8. Doctors should see others as colleagues and not look down on them.
9. All laws should be harmonised 
Nigeria Dental Therapist Association; 
1. Nigerian university should be allowed to train them in other words, they want to start getting BSc degree.
2. It's a branch of Dentistry but they are not allowed to do their job because of hierarchy in the system.
3. Disparity in the call duty allowances between them and the Dentists is too wide. 1.2 to 7.5%.
4. There's no provision for their freshers to do internship which they want government to make provisions for.
1. Medical practice is about patient care therefore, adherence to core professionalism, job description and definition in accordance with international best practices should be our focus.
2. Adherence to principles of relativity in line with training, levels of responsibilities etc, should be strictly observed.
3. Appropriate no-skewed job evaluation facing the reality, as against 2008 evaluation report that NMA refused to sign because of the fraud detected in it.
4. Total avoidance of nomenclature and designations alien to medical practice.
Nigerian Optometrists Association; 
1. This profession is supposed to be responsible for primary eye care in our society, but they are not allowed to do so by the ophthalmologists. 
2. There's rivalry between them and the ophthalmologists
3. Optometrists are relegated to doing refraction alone, they are not allowed to consult at the OPD. 
1. Full recognition and participatory roles in the care of the eye.
2. They should be given full opportunity to consult at the OPD. 
3. Department of optometry to be created and stand alone in our hospitals. 
4. Scheme of service to be created for them.
Nigeria Society of Physiotherapists; 
1. There are certified consultants and specialists among them who should be allowed to practice to their full potentials.
2. Support JOHESU's submissions.
1. In full support of relativity but should be paid according to training and skills.
2. Directorate of physiotherapy should be created.
3. Clinical residency program should be started in physiotherapy. 
4. There should be carrier progression without repression or suppression
Nigerian Union of Allied Health Professionals; 
1. Appointing doctors both as Hon. Minister of Health and Minister of State for health is no longer acceptable to them, henceforth, for peace to reign doctor should occupy 1 while any other health professional occupy the 2nd. 
2. Entry point for all degree interns should be level 8 step 1, pharmacist, 8 step 2, and doctors, 9 step 2, thereafter, all allowances should be fixed for all, abolishing salary dichotomy we are experiencing in the health sector.
3. Directorate for all health departments.
4. In the composition of the management team, instead of about 8 doctors representing themselves and other health professionals, the distribution should be spread out.
5. There shouldn't be a perpetual leader in the health management team although in the clinical setting this can be. In each department, other professionals there must be allowed to head, eg. Radiology, pathology etc.
6. Headship of the hospitals should be left open to all.
7. Registered trade unions should be recognised in the hospitals and be represented in committees and especially, in the National Council on Health.
8. We don't need a Surgeon General.
9. No particular section should lay claims to be the head of all.
1. A Pharmacist is an indispensable link in the care of patients.
2. The role of pharmacist should be well defined in Nigeria. 
3. No single health profession can provide the health needs of a patient.
4. A pharmacist is a 7man professional viz; a pharmacist, decision maker, leader, teacher, community leader etc.
1. There's shortage of staffs in our hospitals.
2.NMA and NARD are not registered trade unions so, they are not qualified to call for strike.
3. Direct employee of the hospital should be the CEO and not doctors as it is obtainable now.
4. Support creation of more directorates for other professionals. 
5. The pronouncement made by NMA that some units should be concessioned or outsourced was unethical.
6. They want only one salary structure in the health sector.
7. Justice Gussau committee report of 2008 should be implemented to the letter.
Dental Technologists Registration Board;
1. Discrimination between HND and BSc holders should be looked into.
Dental Therapists Registration Board;
1. They want degree for Dental Therapists so as to earn respect from other professionals. 
They repeated virtually all what the association presented.
Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria; 
1. Pure preventive health should be looked into instead of concentrating on curative medicine.
2. BSc degree for her members so as to enter into the management cadre.
Health Records Officers Registration Board;
1. To abolish the dichotomy between the HND and BSc holders.
2. To make it as a law that, all hospitals in Nigeria be it public or private should employ a record officer.
3. Record keeping in Nigeria must change from analog to computer.
Institute of Health Services Administration of Nigeria; 
1. The leadership tussle should be looked into.
2. Proper structure for team work.
3. Reorganise Ministry of Health.
1. Improvement in funding the health sector.
2. The conflict between the MDCN Act and MSN Act must be corrected.
3. Team work and harmony in the health sector should not be disrupted.
1. Claimed there's no conflicts in the MDCN and MLSCN Acts.
2. Hospitals to be headed by administrators.
3. Signing what you did not perform is tantamount to fraud so asking pathologists to append their signatures on the results of tests performed by medical laboratory scientists is no longer acceptable to them and this should stop.
Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board;
1. Internship for their fresh graduates should be approved.
2. More higher institutions of learning should be compelled to offer the course.
3. Postgraduate training for them to be embraced.
4. Discrimination against them should be looked into.
Nigerian Institute of Science laboratory Technology; 
1. We are all guilty of the mess we put ourselves in the health sector.
2. There's no reason for the infighting.
3. Discrimination cuts across and not limited to one group an claimed by all.
4. Call duty allowance should be extended to them.
1. The nurses constitute the largest workforce in the health sector.
2. It is the only profession having 24 hrs contact with the patients.
3. The shift allowance for nurses should be improved upon.
4. Government should look into method of salary negotiations. 
5. The issue of skipping for nurses must stay.
6. Midwives should be allowed to palpate pregnant women and take deliveries in our tertiary institutions. 
7. Internship for their graduates should be allowed.
8. More Nurses should be appointed into the boards of our health institutions just as we have Doctors in all the boards.
Optometrist and Dispensing Opticians Registration Board;
1. Creation of the department of optometry in the public service.
2.members should undergo internship compulsorily with adequate provision made for that purpose.
3. Review scheme of service to cater for their consultants.
1. Government should compel all hospitals in Nigeria both public and private to employ the services of a pharmacist.
2. The activities of pharmacy technicians and patent medicine vendors should be looked into and properly regulated.
3. Government should improve on the funding of the council.
4. The council is opposed to the office of Surgeon-general as been requested for by NMA unless if the office is left open for other health professionals eg. Pharmacists, Nurses etc to aspire to occupy the office.
Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria; 
1. Increase in funding and proper monitoring.
Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria
1. Proper integration into preventive health. 
After all the presentations, the Chairman, appreciated all the stakeholders present, he asked, 'do you all believe that if there are no patients there can't be hospitals?' which we all answered in the affirmative. He reassured us that the committee would be unbias and that arrangements have been concluded for members of the committee to visit advanced countries to look and study their health systems and come out with recommendations in line with international best practices and put an end to recurrent altercations, indiscipline, insubordination and industrial disharmony in health sector.
Meeting was brought to a close at 5.10pm with silent closing prayer from everybody.


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