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Terms of The Industrial Arbitration Panel Awards Granted NANNM Dated 30th March 1981
Date Posted: 21/Feb/2014
1.(a) that Nursing is profession sui generis subject to no directions or control whatsoever by any profession so ever except in so far as it forms parts of an organic whole.
(b) that in health care delivery service ofthe country the Nursing Profession is on a parity the profession of Pharmacy as is the case in
2. Entry point to graduate registered and public health Nurses shall be point 1 on GL 08; all other registered Nurses/Midwives shall enter on GL 07 for twelve calendar months after which they shall automatically proceed to point 1 on GL08. Accordingly the aforementioned Grade Level shall accommodate Staff
Nurses only.
3. Progression to the higher level on the professional scale shall be by merit and shall not be subject to any time scale within any grade
4. The highest paid Nurses in the career structure of the profession that is, Chief matron , Chief Nursing Officer in the federal Service , the Public health and occupational Health sectors and Nursing Education shall be placed with immediate effect on GL 14.
5. The post of the Director of Nursing shall be kept constantly in view so that it may be created as soon as it is opportune. The Tribunal does not feel called upon to make award as to what grade level this post shall attract.
6. An act of the National Assembly giving legal definition and coverage to the duties and functions of Nurses according to the scheme and course content of their training should as a matter of urgency be brought into existence if it had not already been in existence.
7. Nurses/Midwives at the appropriate executive levels shall actively involve in policy-making and planning of Nursing and Health Care Delivery at all levels of The Government in the country and also at international levels as necessary. This in practical terms shall include consultation with and include of Nurses/Midwives in all statutory health bodies such as Boards of Management, Panels and Commission to the appropriate Ministers.
8. There shall be consultation as a matter of policy on all aspects of Nursing Education, Training and Research at basic and post-basic levels. 
The Act of the National Assembly referred to above shall provide legislative mandate for such consultation and involvement.
Dated at Lagos this 30th day of March, 1981 
(Sgd) S.A. Ogedengbe 


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