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PSN President: Appointment Of Another Medical doctor As Minister Of State For Health Will Cause Uprising
Date Posted: 23/Feb/2014
President, Pharmaceutical Society of nigeria (PSN), Olumide Akintayo who is also  the Chairman of Assembly of Healthcare Professional Associations (AHPA) and an executive member of Joint Health Workers Union (JOHESU) has condemned plans to appoint Dr Khaliru Alhassan from Sokoto State as the new Minister of State for Health, after he scaled the screening hurdles at the Senate. 
Dr Khaliru A1hassan from Sokoto State just scaled the screening hurdles at the Senate and may emerge the next Minister of State for Health. What is your take on this?
I WAS part of Joint Health Workers Union (JOHESU)/Assembly of Healthcare Professional Associations (AHPA) team that advised government to retrace its steps if it truly wanted harmony in the health sector. With due respect it cannot be in tandem with commonsense to appoint two doctors to head the Federal Ministry of Health. 
It was unprecedented to have that until the Yar' Adua/Jonathan administration in 2007. Recall that out of the eight year tenure of President Obasanjo it was only Dr. Tim Menakaya who featured for six months. For seven and half years we did not have any doctor and we made tremendous progress especially with Prof. Eyitayo Lambo, the Health Economist. If the Jonathan government brings another doctor to the Federal Ministry of Health after all the in equilibrium and injustice Prof Chukwu has perpetrated in the last two years, then Nigerians will contend with an insurrection that is unparalleled in the annals of healthcare. That is a promise 
We observed the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria was not tipped to send a representative to the Natiorial Conference like professional bodies of equal status. How are you redressing this? 
The PSN is redressing this alongside JOHESU/ APHA. In recent times, we have continued to catalogue glaring episodes of marginalisation and injustice to our individual and collective templates by the Federal Government We have observed that the Federal Government has listed only the following professional bodies as participants at the forth coming National Conference. They include: Nigeria Bar Association (NBA); Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE); Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB); Nigeria Medical Association (NMA); Nigeria Institute of Architects (NIA); Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN); Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN); Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR); Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors and Values (NIESV); and Nigeria Environmental Society (NES) While we do not deny any of  these bodies their inalienable rights to have representatives on the National Conference, we enjoin Mr. President to critically appraise the list of profes- sional bodies listed. In the Finance Sector, CIBN, ANAN and ICAN are represented. Infact ANAN and lCAN represent only the Accounting profession Works/Building/Environment sector which has a plethora of professionals like the Health Sector NIA, NSE, NIESV; and NSE are represented. 
We are worried that the Health Sector as usual has received very shabby treatment in obvious continuation of the levity and contempt with which government conyentionally treats professionals in the Health Sector (This, is apart from doctors who get the status of sacred cows) The AHPN/JOHESU feels very slighted that the true representatives of the Health work force in Nigeria has been neglected, ignored and treated with disrespect for too long in the annals of national endeavours of this nature. We have therefore collectively resolved that on this occasion we shall not leave this situation unchallenged. It is imperative to draw the attention of President Jonathan to the fact that pharmacy as a profession is the only health profession directly modulated by the workings of the 1999 constitution' because drugs and poisons are listed as item 21 of part 1 in the second schedule of the constitution. This development stems from the importance of drug use endeavours which therefore comrels many serious nations to the world to centrally regulate and control the use of drugs. In view of the need to broaden the impact of the Pharmaceutical and Health Sector in all national discourses, the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria as a veritable and prime stakeholder in care processes must be encouraged to contribute its quota. We respectfully implore Mr. President as one of the condition precedent in our on-going negotiation with government on injustice pertaining to labour matters to immediately redress this mat- ter by giving immediate approval to the nomination of at least 3 member bodies of AHPA to be represented at the National Conference. A pool of expertise and knowledge is available within the ranks of AHPA/JOHESU, which needs to be tapped in the quest for nation building. 
We insist on being counted as front-runners in the quest to rebuild Nigeria.
You have been one of arrow- heads in recent negOtiations for improving Welfare of pharmacists and other health workers in the Public service. What is the latest and can We aVoid a Strike in the foreseeable future? 
The meeting and conSultations reviewed the various agreements between JOHESU and the Federal Ministry of Health from 2009 to 2014. After a critical appraisal of all the agreements, stakeholders resolved as follows: 
The meeting evaluated the compOSition of the boards of Federal Health Institutions and concluded that the composition was still skewed in favour of medical praCtitioners Where there are eight to nine medical praCtitioners on the 13-member board Whereas Only one health professional/worker represents other health professionals/workers who conStitute OVer 95 per cent of the Workforce. It was also observed that the boards of the Federal Teaching Hospitals have more than the 13 members prOvided for by the enabling statute. Consequently, We demand that the boards of the Federal Health InStitutions 'be reconstituted in line With the enabling statute and the agreements and in Such a Way that the lopsidedness in favour of the medical praCtitioners is corrected. 
We Critically reviewed matters pertaining to increase in the retirement age of health Workers from 60 to 65 years and agreed that the way forward Was an immediate circularisation of the review of retirement age from 60 to 65 years in line With the May 10, 2012 agreement With JOHESU. 
StaKeholders under the aegis of JOHESU/AHPA canvassed the application of sanctions on Chief Executive Officers of Federal Health Institutions who refuse to promote deserving health care profeSsionals before the end of the rsr qUarter of 2014 in line With existing circular duly approved by government A call was made to admonish government to check the impunity of ChIef Medical Directors and Medical Directors who have continUally refused to implement Circulars with respect to skipping of CONHESS 10 and payment of the accrued attears. We requested the Federal Government to provide fund to energise the Presidential Committee of experts on harmony in the health sector to complete its assignment With-Out further delay. JOHESU/AHPA Critically appraised the politics of consultancy status in the health sector and demanded that circular Ref. No. SMH/491/S.2/VOLU/221 of 29th March 1976 remains the legitimate instrument to appOint health care profeSsionals as consultants in the health sector. Let me put on reCord that the intranSigence and rigidity of the Health Minister is the basis of a needless Crisis on this. 
In furtherance of above, We advocated an enabling circular to enforce the payment of specialist allowances to hospital based practitioners Who Possess POstgraduate qualification Such as fellowship obtained from POstgradUate colleges or posseSSion of PhDs, MSCs, PGDs from recognised Universities With effect from January 2010 When the Collective bargaining agreement took effect Stakeholders under JOHESU/AHPA rejected the unlawful creation of the POsition of Deputy CMAC in teaching hospitals because it was a violation of SeCtion 5 (subseCtion 5 and 6) of the Teaching HOSpital Act. JOHESU/AHPA observed that it Was a misnomer to continue to empower part-time staff of the teaching hospitals that should render teaching/medical services to dabble into routine administrative duties of the hospitals. JOHESU/AHPA strongly demanded for the immediate approval and circularisation of the salary proposal submitted to the government With effect from isr January 2014.We note the propensity of government to prevaricate and Oscillate on matters like this With intent to frustrate similar negotiations. For instance the inaugural meeting of the colleCtive bargaining committee of February 11, 2014 Was post-poned Without nOtice. JOHESU/AHPA however Warns that We shall do the needful as soon as We observe government is plaYing games. We strongly reiterated the rejeCtion of the appOintment of a Surgeon-General for the Federation on grOUnds that it is a military appointment and an unnecessary duplication in bureaucratic structure in healthcare espeCially at a time government was seriously exploiting ways of redUcing the cost of governance.
JOHESU/AHPA advised medica practitioners Who were threatening to break into facilities of health professionals who are on legitimate strike for Whatever reason to tread on the path of caution as such development Will leave members of JOHESU/AHPA With no other Option than upholding their chartered liberties albeit with unprecedented emphasis to prove we are freeborn citizens of this nation.


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