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5 Nursing Tips for an Unforgettable Valentines Day
Date Posted: 14/Feb/2013

Valentine’s Day is the day that we, as nurses, celebrate our relationships with our partners and go out of our way to express our love and togetherness. Valentine's Day, however, can be a looming nightmare for those of us who find it impossible to decide how to orchestrate the "perfect" day. Don't be stressed, though! The perfect day and the perfect gift don’t have to cost a fortune, and they don’t have to require a lot of preparation. A little bit of creativity and simple resources can go a long way to creating a shared memorable experience. Here are five nursing tips to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable:

Keep your Ears Open:  Stuffed animals, perfume, candy and flowers are not always the best choices for Valentine’s Day gifts. Choosing a thoughtful present takes time, but it shows that you have been listening to your partner and you appreciate his or her interests. For instance, if they are a collector, you could purchase an item of interest, or if they are a sports fan, you could purchase tickets to a sporting event.  
Be Creative: The most thoughtful gift does not have to be the most expensive gift. A thoughtful gift shows that you have taken the time to consider what is important to your partner and demonstrates appreciation for his or her interests. For example, you could give your husband a hand-made gift certificate stating: “This is redeemable for 2 fishing trips with the guys without any questions from me.” He is sure to love it! You know your partner better than anyone else, so take the time to consider something that would be valued by them and start there.
Be Sentimental: Another great gift is the sentimental gift.  For instance, take your partner to the restaurant where you went on your first date. Or, if you know that your partner likes a certain restaurant that you don’t like, go there for him or her.  Make it special!
Plan Ahead: If you are thinking of planning a romantic weekend getaway or ordering a special gift, plan ahead! Don’t wait until the last minute to place an order or book a trip. It's Valentine's Day and you certainly aren't the only boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse looking to do something special. Hotels and restaurants might be booked or getting tickets to an event might be difficult at the last minute, so plan ahead.
Be Flexible: Your partner might have interests that differ from yours, and vice-versa. But on Valentine’s Day, plan to do something with them that they enjoy. This might not be an activity that you like, but flexibility shows that you respect and appreciate your partner enough to do those things which they enjoy. Sometimes a simple gesture of "giving in" or "sacrificing" can go a long way to show your partner how important their happiness is to you.
Maintaining romance and letting your partner know how much you appreciate them is an important part of any relationship. Use this special day to remind them that even though life might be hectic at times because of your daily responsibilities and a busy nursing career, he/she is still a priority to you. Hopefully, these thoughtful nursing tips can make your Valentine’s Day one to remember!
Happy Valentine's Day, Nurses!
About the author: Jennifer Ward, BSN, RN is a medical-surgical nurse also trained in Oncology and Long-Term Care. Jennifer is dedicated to evidence-based practice and shared governance.

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