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Date Posted: 12/May/2012

The nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria held a meeting with the Association of Movie Producers in Nigeria.

The management of the nursing council had received several complaints from nurses all over Nigeria about the unprofessional and embarrassing manner in which nurses are portrayed in movies in Nigeria. Most home videos depict Nigerian nurses as being careless, gossips and people with no professional trainings. Considering the effect of this negative portrayal on the image of nurses and the nursing profession, the management of the council decided to convene a meeting with the association of film producers in Nigeria in order to discuss issues that border on quality assurance in nursing practice, professional ethics and etiquette of nursing and its implications to film acting and movie production in Nigeria.
The meeting which was presided over by Dr.Titi Filani, chairman of education committee of the council, also had in attendance Mrs. A.S. Sokunbi, a board member and director of nursing, ogun state, Mrs. K.O.Koyejo, deputy secretary general (education), Mrs. F.F salami, deputy secretary general (planning, research and statistics) and Mr. Emmanuel Udontre, senior assistant registrar 1 (secretary general office).
The chairman welcomed the participants and expressed appreciation and commendation to the movie producers for their creativity in acting numerous films and plays for the entertainment of the Nigerian populace. She noted that the movie industry in Nigeria has grown at a very rapid pace due to the hard work and ingenuity of the Nollywood members.
She then stated that the meeting was organized with the aim of correcting the wrong impression playwrights, script writers, actors and actresses have about the nursing profession.
She stated that most Nollywood members and other actors as well as actresses portray nurses as hand maidens to medical doctors, husband snatchers, gossips, people of little education and worthless role models and mentors.
She noted that it is amazing that the producers of these films and plays never thought it fit and proper to find out why the society still commits itself to the care of nurses and midwives if they were that bad and why people in positions of authority still struggle to get their wards and children to study nursing.
The chairman stated that it is expected that the film producers should find out whether the poor characterization of nurses is as a result of gender prejudice since majority of nurses are female or as a result of health politics whereby some health professions try to outsmart others in monopolizing the positive public image or it is an outright falsehood being masterminded by detractors of the nursing profession who are uncomfortable with its tremendous progress in this century not only in Nigeria but worldwide.
She highlighted the fact that today there are many Nigerian nurses with doctorate degrees in nursing education, health sciences, nutrition, psychology, sociology, public administration and so forth. She noted that some registered nurses have proceeded to obtain degrees in law, pharmacy and medicine and therefore have proved that nurses are intelligent, industrious and versatile professionals.
The chairman concluded her address by appealing to the Nollywood members, film producers, script writers, actors and actresses o stop forthwith the poor characterization of the nursing profession in films and videos.
Mr Paul Obazele, president film producers association of Nigeria responded by stating that the nursing and midwifery council has the duty to educate the movie producers in order to enable them appreciate the professional roles of nurses, ethics of the profession and the acceptable standard of practice. He further stated that there would be need for conferences and workshops in which nollywood movie producers are brought in early in the year because there are a lot of medical scripts to be acted.
The chairman expressed appreciation to the president of the movie producers for finding time to attend the meeting. She noted that the option of organizing a seminar by the nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria in which movie producers are involved will be explored in order to correct the misconceptions about nursing profession.
(This meeting was held on 22nd December 2010)

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