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Latest Nursing News (Page 6)
  • Uk: Nurses Forced to Cook for Hospital Patients Due to Staff Shortages
    There was fury in the north of the island as it was confirmed that nurses have been asked to take over catering duties at Portree Hospital.   Local politicians branded the move “utterly unacceptable” and further evidence of a &[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Sep/2017
  • At Last Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana Begins Online Licensing Exams
    The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana has announced it will from July 2018 conduct an online Licensing examination for Nurses and Midwives.   This according to the council was part of measures to get Nurses and Midwives deliver to exp[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Sep/2017
  • Children with Special Needs Must be Correctly Diagnosed –Experts
    Experts have said that children with special needs must be correctly diagnosed, treated and integrated into the society.   They also decried the activities of general practitioners in medical practice who masquerade as specialists, saying[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Sep/2017
  • ‘ Cancer is now an Epidemic in Nigeria’
    hat have you discovered over the decades in the treatment of cancer? I have learnt in close to 40 years that the management of cancer and its care treatment have not changed. We still see cancer patients coming late to the hospital. I remember we[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Sep/2017
  • How to Prevent Kidney Stones
    Kidney stones are small, hard deposits that form in the kidneys when there is a decrease in urine or an increase in certain substances, such as minerals and salts.   It has been observed that condition can occur in persons of any age, but[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Sep/2017
  • Duke School of Nursing To Use Leaf Wearable To Study Patient Turning Procedures
    Researchers from the Duke University School of Nursing have launched a five-year study on pressure ulcer reduction powered by the Leaf Patient Monitoring System.   The wireless, wearable sensor developed by Leaf Healthcare will track patie[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Sep/2017
  • Whatever It Takes: Hospitals Get Creative In Hiring Nurses Amid A National Shortage
    It’s hard to find a nurse who’ll move to West Virginia.   That’s what Doug Mitchell realized after becoming the chief nursing officer of WVU Medicine in late 2015. Early on, he had to hire 200 nurses to staff the nonprofi[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Sep/2017
  • OPINION: UGONSA And The Divisive Tendencies Within The Nursing Profession
    Permit me to voice my concern on the issue raised by the University Graduates of Nursing Science Association(OGONSA).    I observed with dismay the way some in-house-groups within the Nursing Profession always seem to come up with iss[...]
    Date Posted: 14/Sep/2017
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