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  • SARS-Like Virus Spreads From Patient To Nurse: WHO
      Two health workers in Saudi Arabia have become infected with a potentially fatal new SARS-like virus after catching it from patients in their care - the first evidence of such transmission within a hospital, the World Health Organization s[...]
    Date Posted: 23/May/2013
  • Tunisian Man Dies Of New Coronavirus
      A man has died of the novel coronavirus (NCoV) in Tunisia, in what is believed to be the first such case in Africa.   Tunisia's health ministry said the 66-year-old had visited Saudi Arabia, which is badly affected by the viru[...]
    Date Posted: 22/May/2013
  • Prevent Burnout? Turn From Screen, Talk to Colleagues
      Researchers searching for joy in the chaotic world of primary care found "pockets of professional satisfaction" in 23 practices that, for all their computerization, have devised human solutions to the problem of burnout, accordin[...]
    Date Posted: 22/May/2013
  • Study: Survey Of Nurses Regarding End Of Life Preferences
      Nurses will use extreme measures to save patients and their parents. But they'd prefer less aggressive life-preserving methods for themselves, according to an international survey on nurses' end-of-life preferences.   [...]
    Date Posted: 21/May/2013
  • 20% Of Handbags Carry More Bacteria Than A Toilet
      Astonishingly, a high percentage of women's handbags carry more bacteria than the average toilet, says British company Initial Washroom Hygiene.   The company reported that, on average, one in five handbags contains a signific[...]
    Date Posted: 20/May/2013
  • MAY: Upcoming Basic Life Support (BLS) Course for Health Care Providers
      Requirements: Learners should receive the prescribed manual prior to the course in order to prepare and benefit maximally from the course. Manuals are to be collected from training venue on presentation and submission of bank payment telle[...]
    Date Posted: 20/May/2013
  • US Mental Health Bible DSM-5 Updated
      An update to one of the most important manuals in mental health - known as the bible of psychiatry - has been unveiled.   Controversy and criticism has surrounded work on the fifth version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual[...]
    Date Posted: 20/May/2013
  • Ekiti FMC Promises Improved Services
      The Chief Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre, Ido Ekiti, Dr. Lawrence Ayodele, has said the quality of medical services the hospital will render in its outreach will not be different from what it is doing at Ido Ekiti.   Ayo[...]
    Date Posted: 20/May/2013
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