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  • Coffee-Drinking 'Can Cut Diabetes Risk'
      . Increasing coffee intake by more than one cup a day is linked to an 11% lower risk of Type 2 diabetes, research suggests. . The study links caffeinated coffee to a reduced diabetes risk   Drinking more coffee could lead to an[...]
    Date Posted: 07/May/2014
  • Nigerian Doctors, Nurses Dominate Trinidad And Tobago Health Sector
    • Adeyemi college marks 50th anniversary Over 400 Nigerian medical doctors and nurses, accounting for 60 percent of the entire health workforce, are currently managing the healthcare delivery sector of Trinidad and Tobago, a South American I[...]
    Date Posted: 07/May/2014
  • Upcoming American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) Course for Health Care Provid...
      The "American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider" Course is designed to provide a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use[...]
    Date Posted: 07/May/2014
  • The End of Antibiotics. Can We Come Back from the Brink?
      Antibiotic resistance — bacteria outsmarting the drugs designed to kill them — is already here, threatening to return us to the time when simple infections were often fatal. How long before we have no effective antibiotics l[...]
    Date Posted: 07/May/2014
  • 'The American Nurse' Celebrates Unsung Healing Heroes on the Frontlines of Health Care
      Photographer Carolyn Jones, inspired by the woman who nursed her though chemotherapy for breast cancer, traveled the country in 2012 to interview 110 of the nation's finest nurses. The end result is the American Nurse Project, personal[...]
    Date Posted: 07/May/2014
  • The words we use to describe mental illness - how they matter
      We hear the words often - words that imply that a person is a disease and the disease is a person. For example, we may say that someone is a diabetic or a hypertensive. But that's not right. The diabetes and the hypertension (high bloo[...]
    Date Posted: 07/May/2014
  • World Health Organization warns about polio menace
      The World Health Organization warned Monday that polio has reemerged as a public health emergency, after new cases of the crippling disease surfaced in a number of countries.   “The conditions for a public health emergency o[...]
    Date Posted: 07/May/2014
  • Is exploding head syndrome the reason you can't sleep?
      . People with EHS hear loud noises when going to sleep or on waking  . It can lead to sleeping problems and worse: temporary tachycardia . Any problems tend to be because of the way people react to episodes . Professor  of[...]
    Date Posted: 07/May/2014
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