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    • avalon Whats Your Topic of Interest
      Good Morning, Please disregard any post from the individual "Mr Benson" or anyone who posts on sales of forms here for different states. He is a fraudster and a thief. His number is registered as Un Pd with no defined name and picture.
      425 days agoComment
    • tochie Mandatory Continuing education for nurses in nigeria which way?
      Is there a way NMCN can accept other certificates from national and international training providers apart from the monotonous MCPDP.?
      433 days agoComment
      • avalon Hopefully with the new Registrar on board, the monotony might be broken to recognize international certifications and other cpd points accrude from other workshops and conferences
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    • viicki enquiries
      I studied Nutrition & Dietetics. How do i proceed to join nursing without starting as an undergraduate.
      493 days agoComment
    • democrazy Let's rethink rebranding
      Let's rethink rebranding. Over the past few weeks, the agitation for a new nursing has been clamored for. We as nurses do not want to be seen as a people of negative or questionable characters but as a set of people who signed up to care for lives. To indeed attach an utmost importance to the lives of whosoever from whatsoever background whom we are... Read All
      500 days agoComment
    • uzoma Enquires
      Great Nigerian Nurses greetings to evry1 in the house pls I need a detailed xplanations on this NOUN Bnsc thanks
      540 days agoComment
    • kellydon Anaesthetic Nursing
      I want to know if there is any information on Anaesthetic Nursing Admission for 2016/2017
      548 days agoComment  View All 3 Answers
      • onwumereuche UNTH forms are still on sales. Hurry and get one before the closing date which is next week being the beginning of August2016.
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    • adaora Whats Your Topic of Interest
      Hello people of the noble profession, please can someone kindly assist with basic nursing entrance examination past questions of any nursing school and please I also want to find out the subjects to be taken. Is maths and physics included asides English, chemistry, biology?
      556 days agoComment  View All 3 Answers
      • adaora I am looking at iyi enu school of nursing, UBTH or do you know anyother in the south east preferably with entrance forms still on sale?pls let me know...thanks nurse flora
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      • adaora lagos is good as well
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    • frankdeburgh Whats Your Topic of Interest
      When a PERSON decides to become a NURSE, they make the most important decision of their lives. They choose to dedicate themselves to the CARE of others.
      558 days agoComment
      • nurse flora You are right frank, true talk!!!
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      • frankdeburgh Thanks nurse flora
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    • nursekalu Scam Alert
      Beware of this FAKE drlawson with phone number 08068724628, he poses as an agent for jobs and sale of nursing form. he is a criminal and defrauds unsuspecting individuals. Please Admin, block him from posting his dubious activities here
      574 days agoComment