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  • Akwa Ibom to Establish College of Nursing at Ikot Ekpene
    The Akwa Ibom Government has concluded arrangements for the establishment of a degree-awarding college of nursing at Ikot Ekpene, its Commissioner f[...]
    Date Posted: 20/Sep/2013
  • Midwifery Care Safe, Less Costly, Even for High-Risk Moms
      . Midwives Improve Outcomes, Says Cochrane Review . Births Attended by Midwives Safe, Need Fewer Interventions   One-to-one or c[...]
    Date Posted: 19/Sep/2013
  • The Gulf Between Doctors and Nurse Practitioners
      Not long ago, I attended a meeting on the future of primary care. Most of the physicians in the room knew one another, so the discussion, w[...]
    Date Posted: 15/Sep/2013
  • 22 Reasons Why Its Difficult to Be a Nurse
      To be a nurse is difficult. This article is dedicated to outstanding nurses around the world working in the trenches; working tirelessly fo[...]
    Date Posted: 14/Sep/2013
  • When No One Is on Call
      Theresa Brown recently posted an article in the New York Times that’s resonating like crazy with nurses…especially those who l[...]
    Date Posted: 13/Sep/2013
  • Why More Men Choose Nursing
      Most people would agree that nursing is viewed as a predominately female profession. But this has not been the case historically. If you lo[...]
    Date Posted: 13/Sep/2013
  • When You Actually Save A Life
      About 4 or 5 months ago I (the PCT, the hired help, that young guy, the guy that looks like he's new, the Per Diem staff) was floated t[...]
    Date Posted: 09/Sep/2013
  • Reflections: Are Bedside Nurses Superior?
      As anyone knows, there is no "I" in Team. Unfortunately, when teams meet to discuss volatile issues in healthcare, there may be m[...]
    Date Posted: 09/Sep/2013
  • 10 Hard Truths of the Nursing Profession
    Throughout my 23-year nursing career I have worked in many capacities too numerous to mention. I've become a staff educator, assistant director[...]
    Date Posted: 08/Sep/2013
  • The Benefits of Nursing Specialty Certification
    We are proud to call ourselves nurses. We are proud of the hard work that we did in school and the fact that we passed the nursing licensure examina[...]
    Date Posted: 08/Sep/2013
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