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Introducing The Nursing Ambassadors Of Nigeria Association
Date Posted: 12/Apr/2019
Philosophy : 
The Nursing Ambassadors of Nigeria believes in activities which will bring about positive changes required in making serious advancement for the progress of our dear profession thereby making the Nursing profession more responsive to health needs of individuals, families and communities.
It is the belief of the Association that the broad interest of her members are adequately protected and well represented in the committees of contemporary professions, Employers and the public at Large.
The organization believes that every Nurse has an ambition and a dignity to be protected and preserved, hence the need to provide a platform which will nurture this dreams to fruition.
The aims and objectives of the organization include but not limited to the followings.
(i).To project the image of Nursing profession through Educational advancement, capacity building and responsive  leadership.
(ii) To provide an avenue where members speak with one voice.
(iii) To promote the quality of Nursing education and practice
(iv) To speak and mediate as appropriate on issues affecting members as well as the generality of Nurses.
(v). To participate in planning, policy-making and administration of health care delivery services at all levels of Government.
(vi) To provide an avenue for the enforcement of professional discipline, constructive criticism and to reprimand erring members.
(vi). To raise the standard of the profession by emphasizing and implementing international best practices through the use of modern technique / Facilities.
Nursing Ambassadors of Nigeria (NAON) is a multi specialist professional organization for nurses established on the basis of projecting and rebranding the image of Nursing profession through academic advancement, professional proficiency, capacity building and innovative programmes as well as political and leadership participation using a collaborative and integrative approaches. In achieving the aims, the organization in partnership with National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives and other professional organizations monitor and evaluate member's professional performances and encourages them to strive for greatness through academic advancement and professional proficiency in order to meet the global best practices and societal expectations.
MOTTO: Advancement for Greatness
VISION: Advancement for greatness within the committee of health care professionals to create, secure, maintain and have a complete independence, autonomous and respectable Nursing profession where global best practices and societal expectations could be promoted.
Advocating, projecting and rebranding the good and noble image of Nursing profession through academic advancement, professional proficiency, capacity building and innovative programmes as well as political and leadership participation using a collaborative and integrative approaches.
Nursing ambassadors  of Nigeria is an organisation clearly for nurses of the 21st century defined by mindsets and thoughts and not merely the age of practice and level of education.
Membership is open to all Nurses under  Federal, State and local Government employ as well as industrial, cooperate workers and private practitioners.
 However, such a Nurse must have a good history of self dignity, moral and professional competency, advocacy ideals and a good demonstration of the needed Zest for team work and sacrifices to meet the organizational
This organization has already achieved much in various states and its time to give it a national status by establishing branches in the remaining states of the federation. 
You must be a right thinking nurse and rational in decision making among others. Membership is restricted only active, future/generational oriented and committed  professional nurses irrespective of your area of specialties and qualification. 
Facebook : Nursing Ambassadors of Nigeria
Phone Contacts : 
08035375419 Nurse Ambassador Bright.
07030372752 Nurse Ambassador David
Nurses are great!!
Are you a nurse?
Are you interested in the advancement of this profession to greatness?
Are you satisfied with the position of Nursing in the committee of health workers?
Are you satisfied with the public views about nurses?
Are you satisfied complaining without concrete steps to greatness and emancipation of nursing profession from servitude?
Who will take the lead??
Great Ambassadors of Nursing.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Let's join hands together to create, secure and maintain a 21st Century Nursing profession in this our dispensation.
Signed :
Nurse Ambassador David Onoitem,
Founder/Publicity Secretary,
Nursing Ambassadors of Nigeria (NAON).

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