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Appeal to NCSBN to Approve One (1) NCLEX Test Center in Africa (Nigeria) For Nurses: UPDATE
Date Posted: 23/Apr/2019
On the 15th of February 2019. a petition was kicked off by Nurse Jude Chiedu of Nursingworld Nigeria. The petition read:
In trying to build our case on why we deserve a test center in Nigeria, Nursingworld Nigeria reviewed the statistical data NCSBN provides annually on its website on candidate performances on the NCLEX RN exams. The National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX exam is mandatory to assess one's eligibility for entry level practice licensure and a prerequisite to working as a Registered Nurse in the U.S.
The NCSBN 2018 Quarterly examination statistics distinctively showed that Nigeria is the only African country that has been consistent among the top five countries of candidates writing the NCLEX. Between April- June 123 candidates, July - Sept 170 candidates, Oct - Dec 189 Candidates, 2018 year till date YTD601 candidates
Irrespective of the brain drain these figures represent, irrespective of the poor remuneration of nurses in Nigeria, Nigerian nurses are determined to save up and bear the financial brunt for an opportunity for better practice and pay in the U.S
To put this in focus, to enroll for the NCLEX exam, you must first register with PEARSON VUE, an organization that helps develop, manage and deliver the NCLEX Test program. This should cost about 80,000naira.
Then you would need a credential evaluation service (CES)report done (full education course-by-course). CGFNS provides this service for 130,000naira. This is exclusive of cost for the following that you would need sent to CGFNS
1. Secondary school diploma certificate and courier fee 25,000naira
2. Nursing license verification by Nursing council and courier fees 50,000naira
3. School of Nursing transcript and courier fees 35,000naira
Before now, you should have registered with a board of nursing in the U.S which should cost about 40,000naira. You would also need a criminal background check done for about 20,000naira
If you are able to foot all these bills, you would still need roughly 500,000naira for an Etihad Return flight from lagos to the philiphines or india which is the closest NCLEX test center. This amount is exclusive of visa application fees which you could be denied visa, transportation, hotel accomodation, feeding etc
In all, it would cost over a million naira just to write the NCLEX exam that one can easily FAIL and have to RETAKE, incurring further charges and fees.
Its glaringly obvious that the bulk of the total sum is spent on flight fares to write the exams. If you extrapolate these figures where 880 Nigerian nurses wrote the exams in 2018, this translates to a loss of over 800 Million naira with India's GDP being the major beneficiary.
Its obvious U.K, U.S, Canada, Australia, Germany might not issue one a visa just to go write the NCLEX; Traveling to the other test centers located in American Samoa, Guam, Hong kong, Japan, mariana Islands, mexico, Puerto Rico isn't guaranteed either; India or Philippines automatically emerge as the most feasible and cheaper alternatives.
The reason for asking for a test center boiled down to this: The exam would be more affordable if a center is approved in Africa, particularly Nigeria which has produced the highest number of test takers in Africa. We have contributed our quota over the years in our quest for U.S Licensure, We deserve a test center in Africa. Nigerian nurses who continue to attempt the NCLEX exams in large numbers deserve a test center in Nigeria.
If we could get a thousands of signatures and more, this would represent a moral and persuasive force which can initiate change in the hearts of policy makers at the NCSBN to reconsider/ rescind its stance and direct PEARSON VUE to run NCLEX test centers in Nigeria.
But today the 23rd of April 2019 shows that the petition Appealing to NCSBN to Approve One (1) NCLEX Test Center in Africa (Nigeria) For Nurses has raised a total of 4,653 signifying to have signed. If you still want to join to make a difference please CLICK HERE TO SIGN
This is actually a low blow as the number reached would not make a dent for submission. Now another Petition has been kicked off. 
New Petition
Nurse Olabode Idowu to Andrea Mary Sutcliffe Chief Executive & Registrar UK NMC: Stop Extortion of CBT Applicants By Associated @PearsonVUE Test Centres in Nigeria, Ghana
The Petition Reads: The Nursing and Midwifery Council UK in order to relieve financial burden on foreign educated nurses seeking places in her register last month reduced the cost of her exams with effect from April 1st, 2019. However, the goal of this goodwill looks defeated as applicants from Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon still pay double or in most cases triple of these fees.
Attempts by applicants from the aforementioned countries to pay for the Computer Based Test (CBT) on Pearson Vue website always meet brick walls as they are greeted with the message “ Card payment is not available for the test Chosen, Kindly contact your test centre for payment assistance”
It seems odd that Pearson Vue accepts credit and debit card payment from the aforementioned countries during registration for NCLEX-RN and other exams it conducts  but direct applicants for UK NMC CBT to test centres for payment. This has given room for test centres to almost double or in most cases triple the registration fees from applicants. For instance Bellaz Education Test Centre in Lagos Nigeria charges applicants £139 as against £90 approved by NMC. Applicants who wish to re-schedule the exam are charged £11 against free rescheduling policy on Pearson Vue website. It should be noted however that applicants from these countries are able to make the £140 NMC application fees payment effortlessly on NMC website with their debit and credit cards.
Aside the above problem associated with accepting payments from Test Centres only, Test Centres now see themselves as gods and wield unnecessary power. Bellaz Centre in Lagos for instance is famous for always cancelling scheduled exam for any applicant that tried to move their test away to another centre for any reason whatsoever. Applicants are then refunded £85 as against the £139 collected from them for initial registration. Applicants from other test centres from Ibadan and  Abuja Nigeria, Yaounde in Cameroon and Accra Ghana have near similar experience
These excess charges and behaviors from test centres affect the number of applicants sitting for CBT in those countries as it makes the UK Nurse registration more expensive than it should be. We therefore pray that NMC UK should:
1. Mandate Pearson Vue to start accepting credit and debit card payments from Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon like it does for its other Exams
2. Stop test centres from Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon from registering and paying on behalf of applicants as it only breed extortion.
3. Stop test centres from charging applicants different unapproved fees
4. Approve more test centres to administer CBT Exam in order to reduce the stress of traveling long distance for applicants.
Acting on these prayers will in no doubt dramatically increase the number of applicants sitting for CBT Exams and coming to UK which will ease the shortage of Nurses currently being experienced
The Petition Currently Has 655 signatures. Click Here To Sign

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