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Nurses Decry Exclusion of M.Sc/PhD Nursing in List of Approved Vacancies for Study Leave with Pay
Date Posted: 06/Mar/2019
Nigerian Nurses have decried the exclusion of M.Sc/PhD Nursing Programs in the list of approved vacancies for study leave with pay by the Gombe State ministry of health
In a Memo with ref number GO/ESM/TRA/I/VOL.VI, Mohammed Hassan on behalf of the head of civil service conveyed the approved vacancies for inservice training under the ministry of health to include 
M.sC Pharmacology/ Pharmocognos
M.Sc Clinical Pharm/ Toxico
M.Sc Tech. Form and Phar/ M.Sc Phar.Chem
Pharmacy Tech
BSc Nursing (10)
Orthopedic Post basic (10)
Psychiatric Nursing (10)
Nephcology Nursing (10)
Ear, Nose and Throat (10)
Post Basic Nursing (15)
Post Basic Midwifery (15)
Nurse Education (tutor) 5
Pre-operative Nursing (10)
Anesthetic Nurse (10)
A&E 10
Pediatric Nursing 10
ICU 10
PhD Hea/Chem.Path/Microbiology 
MSc Hem/Chem.Path/Med.Micro/Para/V
Bio.Medical Tech
MSc Epi & Lab. Training Program
MSc Radiation Protection
MSc Imaging
MsC Physiotherapy
B. Radiology
PGD in Admin
B. Dental Therapy
Nurses who spoke on the Nursingworld Facebook Group noted that more advocacy and intesive lobbying was needed to ensure that opportunities for Masters degree and PhDs are provided for nurses under the study leave vacancy. 
Nurse Jude Chiedu who spoke to a Nursingworld Correspondent on the issue noted that a master’s degree is essential because the higher level of education involved in master’s degree programs helps to ensure that graduates are prepared to take on managerial and leadership roles that might involve performing advanced research and advocating for patient rights. With a masters degree in any field of nursing, one is considered to have the skills required to work as a leader in health initiatives and help to shape policies for public helath agreements.
masters degree in nursing
He added 'Advanced courses like MS.c and PhDs equip nurses to be creative and innovative when responding to the needs of various groups of clients and patients across a wide range of health practices and nursing services. A masters degree also aligns a nurse to be a specialist in that program field. 
Nurses with Masters degree help Shape the Future of Health Care as his/her role will be as much about delivering care as it is about molding health policies and best practices. They play a role on how people are treated in hospitals and how their medical care is designed. 
He further called on nursing leaders at state and federal level, the leadership at NANNM and NMCN to intensify efforts to ensure that these advanced courses are incorporated as is obtainable for other discipplines like Radiation protection, Imaging, Physiotherapy and pharmacy. He also called for increase in the number of approved vacancies for the BSC Nursing program to decongest the ever widening pool of HND Nursing holders, that way more nurses can further their education whilst still in practise.

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