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Opinion Piece: All About RN, ND/HND and BNSC
Date Posted: 15/Feb/2019
I think this proposed development in Nursing is a land mark achievement in the profession. But the many division or classes of Nurses need be addressed as well. 
The inherent RN, ND/HND and BNSC is not just cool. I think it's time they rule out the RN entirely, because it generates too much controversy. 
But this they may not do easily even though it's necessary, considering the the high draw back that may result in terms of fund generation. As not so many SON may be able to affiliate with universities. 
Nevertheless, there is this wrong notion they keep feeding us with. That the RN has no academic base, therefore RN's must have must go through the rigour of additional 4yr in the secure BNsc. 
To me this is very wrong from the sea level to the cloud above. 
To begin with, did we not copy this entire Nursing thing, processes and procedures in entirety from abroad? This Nigerian RN could be bridge to BNSc in advanced countries in 1 to 2yr, and when they return, our universities will honour it, it's also the most preferred for employment. 
But here its without academic qualification, holders must go for 4yr direct entry programme.  
So why not meet the deficiency only? To me this is entirely self deceit. So what are  they doing for one or two years abroad that's not realistic here?   
I know someday they would discard the baseless controversy about academic qualification to copy what others are doing. 
Just making common sense though. No need proliferating what you are trying to phase out or jettison. 
They should just give same 5yr time frame for all SON to affiliate to Universities or get scraped.
Case closed.

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