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Opinion: A Male In A Female Dominated Profession; Nursing And Its Benefits
Date Posted: 21/Feb/2019
Nursing since 2012 has remained a predominantly female field, although the number of men in nursing has increased. About 7 percent of nurses are men. Gender equality cuts both ways in nursing; men are both more likely to succeed in certain areas of nursing and less likely to be hired in others. Male nurses earn higher salaries overall, which impacts their earnings and their promotion potential.
There are quite a few benefits for men who pursue the nursing profession and this includes but not limited to the following:
. PAY 
Male and female nurses hired right out of school into the same area generally make the same salary, especially in unionized hospitals, where salaries are standardized by experience. As their careers advance, male nurses generally make more than women, either because they choose nursing specialties that pay more, such as anesthesiology, or because they advance into management positions, which pay more. In 2010, the median weekly salary for male nurses was $1,201, compared to $1,039 for women -- 86 percent of the male nurse's salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
While male nurses have an easier time getting specialty nursing jobs such as medivac positions or jobs requiring physical strength, such as mental health, women have a much easier time getting hired into traditionally female areas such as labor and delivery, postpartum or newborn nursery. Men represent about 45 percent of nurse anesthetists, one of the highest-paying nursing specialties, according to the Anesthesia Zone website.
Men have a decided advantage when it comes to promotion into management and administration positions,  they hold a disproportionate number of these positions, according to a May 2012 article on the "Forbes" magazine website. Men in the nursing field are also promoted into upper-level positions even when they have less education or work experience than women vying for the same positions. Their rates of promotion also surpass those of peers working in male-dominated professions rather than female-dominated professions like nursing.
Nurses hold a high standing of social respect in society. But in some areas there sometimes seem to hold male nurses to a higher standard. 
PS: This article does not look to disparage women in the profession not presumes that they cannot reach the same level as their colleagues. All men and women have equal rights.
Written By Linus Paul RN

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