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OPINION: I Once Lost My Job For Refusing To Train Quacks, What Stance Have You Taken? By Esan O. RN
Date Posted: 08/Jan/2019
This past month and year has been quite eventful.......... "Almost" everyone rose up to #saynotoquackery. I love that spirit. But permit me to ask, after all this hubbub... are we going to continue this fight? We should have done this a long time ago but we didn't not because we couldn't but because we had no push or should I say "there was no predisposing factor". 
And on that note I'd like to say a whole lot of plenty thanks to OPM quacks for pushing us to fight against this menace 
But I still need to ask, are we really ready to tackle this menace? Ask yourself this and be sincere with your answer
We are treating the symptoms but totally ignored the underlying cause .............SMH.............. for how long?
We are our problems in a way... this might sound so harsh yet is so true ????????????????
To all registered nurses/midwives or whatever specialities working in private hospitals, what have you done to us? Some of you are quite comfortable training these quacks indirectly with the amount of information they receive from YOU or can you boldly take an oath with the exception of those whose hospital do not employ or train this quacks that you do not do this.
Many run dispensaries which are managed by these quacks while YOU work and yet you join million of NURSES to #saynoquackery, please try to remove the "logs" in your eyes before you remove from others, the question remains, who is deceiving who?
We establish hospitals and all we employ are quacks... how are we different from the doctor who specializes in training quacks? This quacks we are fighting against are our families and friends who we could have helped by informing them on the various nursing educational scheme available (SON, Colleges and Universities) but we decided to look away!
Now look at the consequence of your non-challant attitude towards quackery
It hurts to know we are just dealing with this when we should have conquered it long ago but the good news ia, it's never too late
Yeah! We have started the fight and we are not stopping anytime soon until every quack is dealt with. It starts with YOU & I
As we unite to expose everyone propagating the gospel of quackery... let us also stop sponsoring quackery
PS: Before you criticize me for writing this, I once lost my job for refusing to train quacks, so yeah, I took a stand, what have you done?
About the author:
This writeup was gotten from the Instagram handle of Esan O. (@honeyemprezz)

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