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OPINION: A Heartfelt Message To All Nurses In Nigeria
Date Posted: 14/Dec/2018
To All Nursing Leaders! To All Unit Heads of Nurses!! To All Heads of Nursing Department!!! To All Senior Nurses At All Levels!!!
This message is for all of us in this profession.
To our senior ones and leaders, the reason why you are a senior nurse ahead of your younger colleagues/subordinates is not to bully them, intimidate them, nor deprive them of their request in your powers to grant or approve but to help them grow and noursh them. 
To all nurses (both male and female); have it in your mind that the profession doesn't belong to women alone. 
Also have in mind that the more males admitted into schools to study nursing and the more who are employed to practice in clinical areas, culminating in the professions advantage; on this note do not attempt to suppress the musculature of the male nurse, do not attempt to make or turn the professional male nurse to reason or behave so submissively.
The male nurse's worldview, ideology and methodologies of practicing nursing would definitely be different from the female nurse's concept of the practice but all are aimed at the same goal. Nurses shouldn't derive joy in fighting themselves or being wicked to themselves as often said. 
I read through a chain of conversation in a survey thread  on "which profession is the  most rude and disrespectful profession in Nigeria?" You will be marvelled at the public's view of who nurses really are. The awkward  responses about how rude nurses are and how disrespectful they're is mind boggling. 
Please dear nurses, the "Nursing practice " is a profession that requires professional human relationship. Nurses; you must not scream at/on your patients and their relations before you pass your message across to them, no matter how tense you're. Don't transfer your family problems or redirect your family grievances to your colleagues and patients. 
Nurses: you must be proud and show high level of comportment "you may choose to call it packaging" i.e.  you've to be well packaged in your approach to things and issues, Your speech, your actions and way of practice have to be top notch. Making things look real even when they're not real is the concept. 
That nurses stays with the patients 24/7 is not a criteria to be so agressive to patients and their relations including the domestic staff. If you do you would definitely become an object of ridicule at any slightest opportunity. 
Every profession wears pride as clothes and exhibits pride but they all try their very best not to be seen as arrogant. Note; Do not misconstrue pride for arrogance. 
Both lawyers, doctors, teachers, and other professionals with high level of pride exudes greater level of self esteem even when they're knowledge deficient of many things and because of these they command so much respect from the public.
So dear nurses, don't just say am proud to be a Nurse; you don't have to say it; you should act it and display it to the highest levels of integrity. 
Food for thought!!!!!!!
The End.

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