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OPINION; The Health Care Delivery And Leadership Based Structure In Nigeria, A Promotion Or Demotion?
Date Posted: 13/Nov/2018
Health care settings have been established and built only to cater for the need of patients who are most importantly the greatest of all the stakeholders in the circle of health care delivery. This is what tallies with the global standard of health care delivery. I think the energy of all stakeholders should be geared toward achieving those needs of the patients and no more, no less. But to my dismay ours is otherwise!! 
The structure of our health care system has been disrupted and mystified due to gross selfish interest, and cultish relationship that sees nothing wrong with one been part of the cult, mostly to the detriment of other health workers and most abhorred of all to detriment of the patients. These are what clearly drags our health care system backwards and compared to various international standards, ours is quite dead already.
Let me say at this point that, the leadership of our health care system does not come to terms with the international standards, but at the moment it has been conspicuously hijacked by some people who think they are better than all and therefore are the only heirs for those positions and any attempt change that will amount to blatant strike actions.  
To be frank, all of the leaders in our health care system are in one way or another MD's and with no prejudice quite a few of them seem to be egocentric, myopic and selfish, which does not allow them to see progress or prospects of others not even the patients. Some of them are narrow minded and impulsive toward meeting their personal need, they don’t consider anybody or anything when fighting for those need. Technically their ego and superego were placed into oblivion and the id has overshadowed their thought. 
They prepare for themselves as the only ones to become,  M.Ds, C.M.Ds, PERM Secs in Ministry of health, State and Federal Ministers with little or no knowledge of administration. In the developed nations they are supposed to be in wards, libraries and laboratories busy researching and studying for ways and new trends for contemporary treatments or facing health challenges, instead ours are busy looking for administrative works that will surely relegate them to mere self-acclaimed and informal administrators.  
Due to such behaviors it is my belief that the progress in terms of equipping the institution, welfare of both patients and staff and manpower will never be entertained if the beneficiaries are other than doctors, and these grossly affect the provision of health and clearly led us to where we are today.  Other health workers are denied of time and chance to futher their studies, workshops and anything that will lead to increase knowledge and status but doctors will be freely allowed and even sponsored, what a double standard!! Hospitals have become a death traps, and/or a centre for wrong diagnoses and treatments. 
What do you expect of health care system where the people close to the patients were denied of everything that will promote their knowledge to be able to give an evidence based care? 
And the parson claiming the ownership of the patient is always at home or his private hospitals? 
How will you expect something good coming from a person with little or no experiences both clinically and administratively to lead others just because of a title? These individuals seem to hold our health institutions at ransom because of this basic belief of theirs.
This is a clear self-destruction where you seem to be looking for ones pleasure without considering reality.
To me the first and the biggest solution to these problems that engulfed the progress of our health care delivery, which apparently resulted from selfishness and impulsivity of health care system leadership (Ministers of health, permsecs CMDs,MDs) is to allow flow of leaderships across all stakeholders in health care system so as to facilitate checks and balances and NOT only DOCTORS, and/ or given leadership to neutral parson as it is in the developed nations to move the affairs of the system with no bias or prejudice.  
By Abdulnazif Mohammad Abubakar & Ali Grema Mohammed

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