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OPINION (UPDATED); Post DELSUTH NANNM Election Piece By Ojunekwu Felix Nwanbueze (OFN)
Date Posted: 14/Nov/2018
Good day house and my noble supporters who endlessly supported my candidacy at the just concluded DELSUTH NANNM UNIT ELECTION 
I hereby write to appreciate the entire nurses whose trust, hope and support I bank on to go this far in this just concluded election. I sincerely commend my supporters and voters whose cumulative votes of 50 will remain indelible in the history of my career and life. I am grateful to the department for the roles they played in this election. Kudos and God bless. I am grateful to individuals who at one point or the other mediate between my opponent and I. You all are blessings indeed. 
To the elected officers, you came, you saw and you conquered. More grace to perform. To the losers like me, it is the beauty of democracy. Better days ahead!!!. To the umpires, thanks for the job well done. Wishing you all best. In all, to God be the Glory. 
I most essentially grateful to my comrade and V.Chairman elect who is also from this great alumni and was added two days ago to this platform but due to the politicking, I could not introduce her. She is @Delsuth Kate Paediatrics. In the course of proving myself that I am not I never championing any *Indigeneship* our path crossed during the turbulent period of this NANNM elections. Your Excellency, I greet you. Even though she is from the Urhobo ethnic group, she stood by me, she wanted a just and equitable platform for all and sundry. God bless you Mrs Kate (For Auditor and now V.chairman elect) 
I sincerely thank the efforts of my comrade friends from SON Alumni who are working in DELSUTH. @Nrx Isioma: She fought and stood gallantly for me during this trying time. You are the true winner. @Nrs Blessing Nzekwe: Your vote of confidence was indeed motivating to me and your timely and daily prayer did the magic. @Theatre Priscilla I must admit that you are wonderful and beautiful TEAM Player to work with. @Mrs Ifaka Ngozi: She did not only make the election smooth sailing, her Husband (Nrs Ifaka) work effortlessly to market our professional ideology across tribal divide. The couple were united to make us trailblazers. God bless your home. @Delsuth Temogho SONA: I am unrepentantly grateful to you. Even though you could not get the raging plot on time, you never hide your feelings for justice, detribalization, manifestos against bigotry. You are indeed the victor and winner in this election. @Nrs Faith Ayimi Dialysis: I am more indebted to your efforts and support. At such a time when men and women trade votes for money, you made yours to count. You earn my respect.
The Article has been editted at the request of the author.

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